MCL - 232-1953-IIIB

Act 232 of 1953

Document Type Description
Section 791.258 Section Chapter short title.
Section 791.258a Section Definitions.
Section 791.258b Section Parole sanction certainty program; establishment; adoption of system of graduated sanctions; placement of offenders; determination; implementation of program; consultation with local law enforcement.
Section 791.258c Section Common types of supervision violations; list of presumptive graduated sanctions; factors; process to review and approve or reject; confinement sanction.
Section 791.258d Section Parole sanction certainty supervision; violation of condition.
Section 791.258e Section Parole sanction certainty supervision; conditions; informing supervised individual during initial orientation; written agreement.
Section 791.258f Section Parole sanction certainty supervision; violation of conditions; powers of department; notice of intended graduated sanction; issuance by supervising agent; failure of supervised individual to comply; confinement; completion of conditions; modification; duties of supervising agent.
Section 791.258g Section Use of confinement sanctions; review and report by department.