MCL - 232-1953-IIIA

Act 232 of 1953
Chapter IIIA

Document Type Description
Section 791.251 Section Hearings division; creation; appointment and duties of hearing administrator; duties of hearings division; supervision and qualifications of hearing officer.
Section 791.252 Section Procedures applicable to prisoner hearing.
Section 791.253 Section Official record of hearing; preparation; contents; exclusion of certain evidence.
Section 791.254 Section Rehearing; order; request; conduct; evidence; amending or vacating decision or order; rules.
Section 791.255 Section Motion or application for rehearing; exhaustion of administrative remedies; application for direct review in circuit court; transmitting copy of record to court; proof of procedural irregularity; scope of review; action by court.
Section 791.256 Section Prisoners confined in another state; right to hearings.