MCL - 232-1953-III

Act 232 of 1953
Chapter III
Document Type Description
Section 791.231 Section Bureau of field services; establishment; direction and supervision by deputy director; appointment; duties; assistants.
Section 791.231a Section Parole board; establishment; appointment, terms, and removal of members; vacancy; salary and expenses; designation and responsibility of chairperson; powers and duties.
Section 791.231b Section Parole denials; report.
Section 791.232 Section Repealed. 1992, Act 181, Eff. Nov. 15, 1992.
Section 791.233 Section Grant of parole; conditions; paroles-in-custody; rules.
Section 791.233a Section Repealed. 1982, Act 314, Imd. Eff. Oct. 15, 1982.
Section 791.233b Section Eligibility for parole; minimum term.
Section 791.233b[1] Section “Major controlled substance offense” defined.
Section 791.233c Section “Prisoner subject to disciplinary time” defined.
Section 791.233d Section Samples for DNA identification profiling.
Section 791.233e Section Parole guidelines; rules; reasons for departure from guidelines; waiver for subsequent review; report.
Section 791.234 Section Prisoners subject to jurisdiction of parole board; indeterminate and other sentences; termination of sentence; prisoner sentenced to imprisonment for life; ineligibility for parole; criteria for placement on parole; conditions; interview; release on parole; discretion of parole board; appeal to circuit court; cooperation with law enforcement by prisoner violating MCL 333.7401 and 333.7403; offenses occurring before certain date; notice to prosecuting attorney before granting parole; motion to object; procedures; definitions.
Section 791.234a Section Placement of prisoner in special alternative incarceration unit.
Section 791.234b Section Placement of prisoner on parole; release to United States immigration and customs enforcement; deportation.
Section 791.234c Section Prisoner reentry; identification documents; refusal of prisoner to obtain documents; written information to be provided to prisoner; electronic access by secretary of state to prisoner information; reentry success fund.
Section 791.234d Section Documents to be issued prisoner upon release; certificate of employability; issuance; revocation; false statement or representation as misdemeanor; confirmation of validity; form; liability of department for certain actions.
Section 791.235 Section Release of prisoner on parole; procedure; medical parole for medically frail; definitions.
Section 791.236 Section Order of parole; notice; rescission; amendment; individualized conditions; supervision; restitution; payment of parole supervision fee; condition requiring payment of assessment or minimum state cost; compliance with sex offenders registration act; violation of certain sections; condition requiring housing in community corrections center or community residential home; condition requiring payment by parolee; review to ensure payment of restitution; report of violation; registration of parolee; electronic monitoring; condition to protect named person; release of prisoner; notice of residence or domicile; monitoring by global positioning monitoring system; written consent to submit to search; "violent felony" defined.
Section 791.236a Section Collection of supervision fee by parole board; payment; allocation of money collected for other obligations; waiver of fee; determination and collection of fee for offender transferred to state under interstate compact; administrative costs; unpaid amounts; "electronic monitoring device" defined.
Section 791.237 Section Paroled or discharged prisoner; furnishing clothing, transportation, and money; repayment of money; prisoner identification card; cost of implementing section.
Section 791.238 Section Custody of paroled prisoner; warrant for return of paroled prisoner; incarceration pending hearing; treatment as escaped prisoner; time during parole violation not counted as time served; forfeiture of good time; committing crime while on parole; construction of parole.
Section 791.239 Section Paroled prisoner; arrest without warrant.
Section 791.239a Section Arrest for alleged parole violation; right to preliminary hearing; notice of hearing; rights at hearing; postponement; notice of charges, summary of evidence, and determination of guilt when preliminary hearing not held.
Section 791.240 Section Prisoner convicted of violent felony; placement on parole; special provisions; history of substance abuse; report; definitions.
Section 791.240a Section Parole; revocation; violation; right to fact-finding hearing; time and location of hearing; parolee determined to be indigent; appointment of attorney; notice; rights at hearing; postponement; notice to director if hearing not conducted within certain time period; insufficient evidence; reinstatement to parole status; finding of parole violation; revocation of parole; noncompliance with order to make restitution; "violent felony" defined.
Section 791.241 Section Order rescinding or reinstating parole.
Section 791.242 Section Final order of discharge; certificate; period of parole.
Section 791.243 Section Applications for pardon; filing, information.
Section 791.244 Section Parole board interview of prisoner serving sentence for first degree murder or sentence of imprisonment for life without parole; board duties upon own initiation or receipt of application for reprieve, commutation, or pardon; exception; files as public record.
Section 791.244a Section Reprieve, commutation, or pardon; request from governor to expedite review and hearing process; basis; duties of parole board; files as public record.
Section 791.245 Section Hearing; administering oath to witness.
Section 791.246 Section Decisions and recommendations of parole board; majority vote required.