MCL - 232-1953-IV

Act 232 of 1953
Chapter IV
Document Type Description
Section 791.261 Section Bureau of prisons; establishment, direction and supervision.
Section 791.262 Section Definitions; administration of state correctional facilities; supervision and inspection of jails and lockups; rules and standards; variance; advice and services; enforcement of orders; residence of sheriff as part of county jail; visitation and inspection by member of commission or designee; records; forms; violation as misdemeanor.
Section 791.262a Section Local lockup advisory board; creation; appointment, term, and expenses of members; first meeting; election of chairperson; quorum; model policy; review.
Section 791.262b Section Housing inmates in county jail cell designed and constructed for single occupancy; conditions; classification system; doors; visual supervision; indemnification for expense or damages.
Section 791.262c Section Housing inmates in county jail cell; conditions; classification system; doors; visual supervision.
Section 791.262d Section Prisoners who are 18 to 22 years of age; development of rehabilitation plans; programming; report; "correctional facility" defined.
Section 791.263 Section Wardens; appointment; personnel; “correctional facility” defined.
Section 791.263a Section Compensation of correctional or youth correctional facility employees injured by inmate assault or injured during riot; exception; "correctional facility" defined.
Section 791.264 Section Classification of prisoners; classification committee; information; filing; investigation; computation of sentence; recomputation based on amended judgment.
Section 791.265 Section Transfer or re-transfer of prisoner; confinement in secure correctional facility; "offender" defined; transfer of offenders to country of citizenship; notification to judge and prosecutor; objections; "secure correctional facility" defined.
Section 791.265a Section Extending limits of confinement; rules; escape from custody; eligibility for extensions of limits of confinement; placement in community residential home; definitions.
Section 791.265b Section Definitions; transfer of mentally or physically disabled prisoner to medical institution; duration; determination of mental or physical disability; financial responsibility of department; regulations.
Section 791.265c Section Work camp; construction, maintenance, and operation; purpose; assignment of prisoners; displacement of employed persons or workers on strike or locked out; agreement of bargaining unit; citizens advisory committee; escape; reimbursement of department; collecting and dispersing wages; amount of wages; rules.
Section 791.265d Section Occurrences requiring entry in law enforcement information network; occurrences requiring certain information to be made available on line; time limitation; scope of entry; “state correctional facility” defined.
Section 791.265e Section Transfer of prisoner to community placement facility; notice.
Section 791.265f Section Housing prisoners; prohibitions.
Section 791.265g Section Definitions.
Section 791.265h Section Placement in community corrections center or community residential home; community status criteria; location of center; prisoner population; curfew; random checks.
Section 791.265i Section Citizens' council.
Section 791.266 Section Commitment by courts; purpose of classification.
Section 791.267 Section Temporary confinement; study of prisoner; suitability of prisoner to type of rehabilitation required; report; execution of confinement order; test for HIV or antibody to HIV; applicability of subsection (2); housing prisoner in administrative segregation, inpatient health care unit, or unit separate from general prisoner population; reporting positive test result; exposure of employee to blood or body fluid of prisoner; testing employee; employee equipment; HIV positive prisoner not to work in health facility; seroprevalence study; disclosure of test results; counseling; AIDS education program; definitions.
Section 791.267a Section Nonemergency medical, dental, or optometric services; intentional injury; copayment or payment by prisoner; on-site medical treatment; report on feasibility and cost.
Section 791.267b Section Exposure of employee to blood or body fluid of prisoner; request to test prisoner for HIV or HBV infection; form and contents of request; determination; prisoner consent not required; counseling; determination not requiring HIV or HBV infection testing; notice of HIV or HBV test results; confidentiality; forms; violation of subsection (8) as misdemeanor; report; definitions.
Section 791.268 Section Payment of filing fees or costs by prisoner; court order to make monthly payments; removal of amount from prisoner institutional account.
Section 791.268a Section Visits from minors; conditions; restrictions; “minor” defined.
Section 791.269 Section Confiscation and disposal of items in possession of prisoner; request of victim or victim's representative; "victim's representative" defined.
Section 791.269a Section Subjecting visitor to pat down search; condition; waiver; definitions.
Section 791.269b Section Inmate reentry services; applicants from nonprofit faith-based, business and professional, civic, and community organizations; screening, approval, and registration of organizations; denial; posting of telephone number and application on public Internet website; endorsement or sponsorship by department prohibited; required participation by inmate prohibited.
Section 791.270 Section Monitoring of telephone communications; conditions; disclosure of obtained information; evidence in criminal prosecution; definitions.