MCL - 175-1927-V

Act 175 of 1927
Chapter V
Document Type Description
Section 765.1 Section Judges and district court magistrate empowered to let accused person to bail; recognizance for appearance of accused person.
Section 765.2 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 765.3 Section Judges empowered to permit committed prisoners to post bail; notice to prosecuting attorney; inquiry.
Section 765.4 Section Admission to bail; procedure for information, same as under indictment.
Section 765.5 Section Admission to bail; persons not entitled.
Section 765.6 Section Accused persons entitled to bail; amount of bail; considerations and findings; surety bond; surrender by defendant of operator's or chauffeur's license as security; receipt; expiration date; extension; written notice; return of license.
Section 765.6a Section Cash bond or surety as condition of granting application for bail.
Section 765.6b Section Release of defendant subject to protective conditions; contents of order; purchase or possession of firearm; entering or removing order from LEIN; order to wear electronic monitoring device; other orders; definitions; authority to impose other conditions not limited; "LEIN" defined.
Section 765.6c Section Bail; cash deposit; use.
Section 765.6d Section Release on bail; waiver of extradition.
Section 765.6e Section Detainment period for individual arrested on warrant that originated in another county; exceptions.
Section 765.7 Section Permitting defendant to post bail on own recognizance if appeal taken by or on behalf of state; exception.
Section 765.8 Section Surety or bail posted by attorney or counselor prohibited.
Section 765.9 Section Surety; person acting in same capacity on other bond.
Section 765.10, 765.11 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 765.12 Section Deposit of cash; certified check or certain securities in lieu of bond or bail; right.
Section 765.12a Section Money collected in addition to bail or bond money; disposition; purpose.
Section 765.13 Section Depository; receipt.
Section 765.14 Section Deposit of cash; filing duplicate receipts in court, effect.
Section 765.15 Section Bail; cash, check, or security; disposition upon forfeiture or discharge of bond or bail.
Section 765.16 Section Subjection to legal process; assignment.
Section 765.17 Section Deposit in special fund; interest.
Section 765.18 Section Deposit of cash; redemption before forfeiture by substitution of bond.
Section 765.19 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 765.20 Section Administering oath to proposed surety to ascertain financial condition; requiring surety upon criminal recognizance to pledge real estate; value of surety's interest in real estate; executing recognizance and affidavit of justification; form; deposition of surety.
Section 765.21 Section Surety on recognizance; attachment of lien; record notice of lien, form, effect.
Section 765.22 Section Surety on recognizance; discharge; notice, form.
Section 765.23 Section Surety on recognizance; register of deeds; duty as to notices of lien and discharges; fees.
Section 765.24 Section Effect of chapter on certain recognizances; order releasing lien.
Section 765.25 Section Perjury in affidavit of justification; penalty.
Section 765.26 Section Release of surety; arrest or detention of accused; mittimus.
Section 765.27 Section Action on recognizance; technicality as bar.
Section 765.28 Section Failure to appear; notice to surety; service; judgment; execution; set aside of forfeiture order; discharge of bail or surety bond; conditions.
Section 765.29 Section Witness in criminal case; necessity of giving bail for appearance.
Section 765.30 Section Minor or material witness; recognizance.
Section 765.31 Section Proceeding to enforce recognizance; venue; service of process.