MCL - 175-1927-IV

Act 175 of 1927
Chapter IV
Document Type Description
Section 764.1 Section Issuance of processes; authorization for issuance of warrant or summons; exception; making complaint for arrest warrant or summons by electronic or electromagnetic means; proof of signing; location.
Section 764.1a Section Complaint; allegations; swearing before magistrate or clerk; issuance of summons; finding of reasonable cause; testimony; supplemental affidavits; basis of factual obligations; complaint alleging violation of MCL 750.81 or 750.81a or corresponding ordinance; refusal to accept complaint prohibited; compliance with MCL 764.1; definitions.
Section 764.1b Section Warrant; recitation of accusation; directions to peace officer.
Section 764.1c Section Issuing warrant or endorsing complaint if accused in custody upon arrest without warrant; finding of reasonable cause; endorsement as complaint and warrant.
Section 764.1d Section Complaint; recitation of accusation; factual allegations.
Section 764.1e Section Complaint signed by peace officer; statement; making materially false statement in complaint as perjury; penalty; contempt of court.
Section 764.1f Section Juvenile; filing complaint and warrant with magistrate; “specified juvenile violation” defined.
Section 764.1g Section Arrest warrant; determination that person is parolee; use of LEIN; notice.
Section 764.2 Section Warrant; pursuit and apprehension of party in other county; aid.
Section 764.2a Section Peace officer; exercise of authority in other county, city, village, township, public airport authority, or university; violation involving water vessel; "public airport authority" defined.
Section 764.2b Section Authority and immunity of law enforcement officer of another state; definitions.
Section 764.3 Section Failure to appear; rebuttable presumption for first failure; revocation of release order or forfeiture of bail; issuance of warrant; conditions and reasons.
Section 764.4 Section Taking person arrested pursuant to warrant before magistrate of judicial circuit in which arrest made; conditions.
Section 764.5 Section Taking recognizance for arrested person's appearance before magistrate of judicial circuit in which offense charged to have been committed.
Section 764.6 Section Recognizance; certification; delivery.
Section 764.6f Section Communication and hearing protocols for swift processing of warrants originated in another county.
Section 764.7 Section Taking arrested person before magistrate of judicial circuit in which offense charged to have been committed in absence of bail.
Section 764.8 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 764.9 Section Repealed. 1988, Act 113, Imd. Eff. May 2, 1988.
Section 764.9a Section Minor offense; written order for summons; contents; service.
Section 764.9b Section Repealed. 1999, Act 76, Eff. Oct. 1, 1999.
Section 764.9c Section Arrest without warrant for misdemeanor or ordinance violation; issuance and service of appearance ticket by police officer or specially authorized public servant; exceptions; circumstances for arrest; time period for charges or release; definitions.
Section 764.9d Section Complaint; filing; contents; dismissal.
Section 764.9e Section Failure to appear; rebuttable presumption; articulable reasons to overcome presumption.
Section 764.9f Section Appearance ticket; definition; consecutive numbering; form; contents; modification.
Section 764.9g Section Magistrates jurisdiction; pleas, complaint.
Section 764.10-764.12 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 506, Imd. Eff. Jan. 22, 1981.
Section 764.13 Section Arrest without warrant; taking arrested person before magistrate of judicial district in which offense charged to have been committed; complaint.
Section 764.14 Section Arrest by private person; disposition of arrested person; complaint.
Section 764.15 Section Arrest by officer without warrant; situations; circumstances.
Section 764.15a Section Arrest without warrant for assault of individual having child in common, household resident, dating relationship, or spouse or former spouse.
Section 764.15b Section Arrest without warrant for violation of personal protection order; answering to charge of contempt; hearing; bond; show cause order; jurisdiction to conduct contempt proceedings; prosecution of criminal contempt; prohibited actions by court; definitions.
Section 764.15c Section Investigation or intervention in domestic violence dispute; providing victim with notice of rights; address confidentiality program; report; retention and filing of report; development of standard domestic violence incident report form; definitions.
Section 764.15d Section Federal law enforcement officer; powers.
Section 764.15e Section Violation of condition of release; arrest without warrant; duties of peace officer; release on interim bond; priority to certain cases; hearing and revocation procedures.
Section 764.15f Section Violation of order issued by probate court or family division of circuit court; arrest without warrant; duties of police officer and court; authority of judge to arraign, take plea, or sentence; judge not available; entering order into or removing from law enforcement information network.
Section 764.15g Section Determination that person arrested is parolee; notice to department of corrections; compliance.
Section 764.15h Section Investigation of financial neglect, abuse or harm of a vulnerable adult or elder adult; definitions.
Section 764.16 Section Arrest by private person; situations.
Section 764.17 Section Arrest; time.
Section 764.18 Section Arrest; under warrant; duty of officer.
Section 764.19 Section Arrest; without warrant; officer, duties; return as evidence.
Section 764.20 Section Arrest; private persons, duty.
Section 764.21 Section Right to break open inner or outer door.
Section 764.22 Section Right to break open door or window.
Section 764.23 Section Escape from custody or from state correctional facility; pursuit and retaking or arrest without warrant; definition.
Section 764.23a Section Trespass upon state correctional facility; violation; arrest without warrant; “state correctional facility” defined.
Section 764.24 Section Arrest; escape or rescue; means of recapture.
Section 764.25 Section Arrest; weapons and articles on prisoner; seizure, disposal.
Section 764.25a Section Strip search.
Section 764.25b Section Body cavity search.
Section 764.25c Section Repealed. 1983, Act 92, Eff. Mar. 29, 1984.
Section 764.26 Section Arrest; rights of alleged felon.
Section 764.26a Section Dismissal of charges before trial; requirements; receipt of order.
Section 764.27 Section Arrest of child less than 18 years of age; procedure.
Section 764.27a Section Juvenile taken into custody or detained; prohibitions; confinement of juvenile in county jail; other confinement; credit for time served.
Section 764.28 Section Failure of person under recognizance or appeal to appear; forfeiture; issuing process for arrest of appellant or defendant.
Section 764.29 Section Fingerprints.