senate resolution no.57

Senator Johnson, Geiss and Santana offered the following resolution:

A resolution to designate May 2023 as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Whereas, Michigan has 187,402 registered motorcycles and 536,512 individuals who have operator licenses with a motorcycle endorsement; and

Whereas, The safe operation of a motorcycle requires the use of special skills developed through a combination of training and expertise, the use of good judgment, plus a thorough knowledge of traffic laws and licensing requirements; and

Whereas, The use of proper protective riding apparel is an important part of a motorcycle operatorís responsibility; and

Whereas, Motorcycle safety awareness advocacy is a cooperative effort to decrease the number of injuries and fatalities associated with motorcycling; and

Whereas, The promotion of motorcycle rider education programs available through the Michigan Department of State, including recommendations that motorcycle operators wear the proper gear, in addition to driving their vehicles defensively and cautiously, is intended to reduce the number of crashes; and

Whereas, The emergence of spring is synonymous with the return of motorcycle enthusiasts to our stateís roadways. Throughout Michigan, motorcyclists have been on the cutting edge of supporting the wise and sensible use of this enjoyable mode of travel; and

Whereas, Indeed, the disproportionate number of motorcycle fatalities make it vitally important to encourage motorcyclists to understand and practice the highest degree of safety. It is also important to remind other drivers that highway safety is beneficial to all parties traveling on public roadways; and

Whereas, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month encourages motorcycle operators to wear proper protective riding attire, maintain their motorcycles using safety and maintenance checks found in the ownerís manual, abide by the laws of the road, and implement operating techniques providing an additional standard of safety; and

Whereas, Car and truck drivers are informed of the fact that motorcyclists are resuming their travels on our public roadways and each is advised to be exceptionally vigilant and watchful when approaching or passing a motorcycle on the highway; now, therefore be it

Resolved by the Senate, That the members of this legislative body designate May 2023 as Motorcycle Safety Awareness. We encourage all of Michiganís citizens to participate in the aims and goals of this effort.