house resolution no.73

Reps. McFall, Brabec, Breen, Glanville, Haadsma, Liberati, Morse, Rheingans, Rogers, Schuette and Weiss offered the following resolution:

A resolution to declare April 2023 as Scottish American Heritage Month in the state of Michigan.

Whereas, On April 6th, 1320, Scottish King Robert I signed the Declaration of Arbroath. This was a letter written to Pope John XXII, responding to his excommunication from the church because the King refused to stop fighting for Scottish Independence; and

Whereas, Scots first came to North America during the colonial era. Many came over due to the British 1717 Transportation Act which established a convict bond service punishment and transportation to North America. A few decades later, following Scottish defeat at the hands of the English in the 1746 Battle of Culloden, Scottish immigration continued to grow in North America; and

Whereas, There are now over 200,000 Scottish Americans living in Michigan and April is a time to reflect and celebrate Scottish roots; and

Whereas, Now Scots and Scottish Americans celebrate their independence through Tartan Day and Tartan Month. A tartan is a patterned cloth consisting of crossed, horizontal, and vertical bands in multiple colors, originally made from woven wool. Tartan patterns are typically associated with traditional Scottish kilts. Sometimes Tartan is confused with plaid, but tartan is specifically woven both horizontally and vertically into the fabric. Tartan has a long history in Scotland; and

Whereas, National Tartan Day was first proposed in Canada in 1986 before the celebration of culture and history came to the United States in 1998; and

Whereas, On Tartan Day, April 6, 2009, the formation of the Scottish American Society of Michigan was announced – a new and different Scottish group whose goal is preserving and furthering Scottish heritage throughout the State of Michigan, as well as to help charitable organizations and individuals in need; and

Whereas, In Michigan, we have the oldest Scottish society in the country, St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit, founded in 1849. The St. Andrews celebrate Scottish heritage in their annual Highland Games, the oldest continuous games in North America, celebrating 174 years of competition and tradition this year; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare April 2023 as Scottish American Heritage Month in the state of Michigan.