Act No. 190

Public Acts of 2023

Approved by the Governor

November 7, 2023

Filed with the Secretary of State

November 7, 2023

EFFECTIVE DATE:† November 7, 2023

state of michigan

102nd Legislature

Regular session of 2023

Introduced by Reps. Mentzer and Witwer


AN ACT to amend 1939 PA 141, entitled ďAn act to regulate the storage, warehousing, buying, and selling of farm produce within this state; to provide for the licensing, regulation, and bonding of grain dealers; to provide for warehouse receipts, acknowledgment forms, and price later agreements and their use and priority; to provide for the creation of security interests; to provide for certain powers and duties of the department of agriculture and its director; to impose certain duties on insurance companies and sureties; and to provide administrative remedies and penalties for the violation of this act,Ē by amending section 7 (MCL 285.67), as amended by 2004 PA 274.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Sec. 7. (1) A grain dealer shall file an application for a new license or for renewal or amendment of a license with the department. The department may determine the time when an application is filed and the form of the application. A complete application must include all of the following:

(a) The name and ownership interest of each owner, stockholder, member, or partner of the grain dealer who owns at least 5% of the shares, other than publicly traded shares, or other ownership interests of the grain dealer, or for a grain dealer described in section 9(3), at least 5% of the shares, other than publicly traded shares, or other ownership interests of the parent corporation.

(b) The location and storage capacity of each facility of the grain dealer.

(c) Proof of insurance for all farm produce stored at each facility of the grain dealer.

(d) A statement that none of the events described in section 10 have occurred within the 5 years preceding the date of the license application, or if any of those events have occurred, a description of those events.

(e) A statement of the total bushels of farm produce handled by the grain dealer during the grain dealerís most recent completed fiscal year.

(f) If the grain dealerís most recent completed fiscal year was for a period of less than 12 months or the grain dealer materially changed its farm produce handling practices in that fiscal year, a projection of the total bushels of farm produce the grain dealer expects to handle in the current fiscal year.

(g) Copies of all warehouse receipt forms, price later agreement forms, and acknowledgment forms used by the grain dealer.

(h) Copies of all of the grain dealerís facility lease agreements and bin charts.

(i) If the grain dealer does not maintain an office in this state and does not have a resident agent in this state, the application must include a written appointment of a statutory agent upon whom process, notice, or demand may be served. The statutory agent must be an individual residing in this state or a corporation whose principal place of business is located in this state. If the identity or address of the statutory agent changes while the application is pending or after a license is issued, the grain dealer shall within 3 days file with the department a written appointment of the new statutory agent or written notice of the new address, as applicable.

(j) The license fee described in section 8.

(k) The financial statement described in section 9.

(2) If an application described in subsection (1) is considered incomplete by the department, the department shall notify the applicant in writing or electronically not more than 30 days after receipt of the incomplete application, describing the deficiency and requesting the additional information. The 60-day time period described in subsection (6) is tolled upon notification by the department of a deficiency until the date the requested information is received by the department. The determination of the completeness of an application does not operate as an approval of the application for the license and does not confer eligibility of an applicant determined otherwise ineligible for issuance of a license. The tolling of the 60-day time period under this subsection does not allow the department to otherwise delay the processing of the application, and that application, upon completion, must be placed in sequence with other complete applications received at that same time.

(3) For a license renewal, a licensee shall submit the complete application to the department not less than 30 days before the expiration of the current license term unless the department issues a temporary permit to the licensee under section 6.

(4) If an application is withdrawn before a license or renewal is approved, the department shall retain $50.00 for processing and return the remainder of the license fee to the grain dealer.

(5) By submitting an application, a grain dealer consents to inspection and auditing of its farm produce and financial records and its operations by the department. The grain dealer shall make the records available to the department in this state if the department makes a request to inspect or audit the records.

(6) The department shall issue or deny an initial or renewal license not more than 60 days after the department receives a complete application from an applicant.

(7) If the department fails to issue or deny a license within the time required by this section, the department shall return the license fee and shall reduce the license fee for the applicantís next renewal application, if any, by 15%. The department shall not discriminate against an applicant in the processing of the application based on the fact that the license fee was refunded or discounted under this subsection.

(8) The director of the department shall submit a report by December 1 of each year to the standing committees and appropriations subcommittees of the senate and house of representatives concerned with agricultural issues. The director shall include all of the following information in the report concerning the preceding fiscal year:

(a) The number of initial and renewal applications the department received and completed within the 60-day time period described in subsection (6).

(b) The number of applications denied.

(c) The number of applicants not issued a license within the 60-day time period and the amount of money returned to licensees and registrants under subsection (7).

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