November 03, 2023, Introduced by Reps. Bruck, Hoadley, McKinney, Wilson, BeGole, Bezotte, Harris, Mueller, Tsernoglou, Kuhn, Kunse, Bierlein, McFall, Miller, Snyder, Paquette and Wendzel and referred to the Committee on Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure.

A bill to amend 1949 PA 300, entitled

"Michigan vehicle code,"

by amending section 634 (MCL 257.634), as amended by 2021 PA 43.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 634. (1) Upon On each roadway of sufficient width, the driver of a vehicle shall drive the vehicle upon on the right half of the roadway, except as follows:

(a) When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction under the rules governing that movement.

(b) When the right half of a roadway is closed to traffic while under construction or repair or when an obstruction exists making it necessary to drive to the left of the center of the highway. A driver who is driving on the left half of a roadway under this subdivision shall yield the right-of-way to an oncoming vehicle traveling in the proper direction upon on the unobstructed portion of the roadway.

(c) When a vehicle operated by a state agency or a local authority or an agent of a state agency or local authority is engaged in work on the roadway.

(d) Upon On a roadway divided into 3 marked lanes for traffic under the rules applicable on the roadway.

(2) Upon On a roadway freeway having 2 or more lanes for travel in 1 direction, the driver of a vehicle shall drive the vehicle in the extreme right-hand lane available for travel except as otherwise provided in this section. However, the driver of a vehicle may drive the vehicle in any lane lawfully available to traffic moving in the same direction of travel when the lanes are occupied by a streetcar or vehicles moving in substantially continuous lanes of traffic and in any left-hand lane lawfully available to traffic moving in the same direction of travel for a reasonable distance before making a left turn. or to avoid blocking, delaying, or otherwise interfering with the movement of a streetcar on a streetcar track.

(3) This section must not be construed to prohibit a vehicle traveling in the appropriate direction from traveling in any lane of a freeway having 3 or more lanes for travel in the same direction. However, a city, village, township, or county may not enact an ordinance that regulates the same subject matter as any provision of this subsection. The driver of a truck with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds, a truck tractor, or a combination of a vehicle and trailer or semitrailer shall drive the vehicle or combination of vehicles only in either of the 2 lanes farthest to the right, except for a reasonable distance when making a left turn or where a special hazard exists that requires the use of an alternative lane is required for safety reasons because a special hazard exists or because of closure to traffic for construction or repair.

(4) A person An individual who violates this section is responsible for a civil infraction.