MCL - Act 480 of 2006


Act 480 of 2006

AN ACT to provide for uniform video service local franchises; to promote competition in providing video services in this state; to ensure local control of rights-of-way; to provide for fees payable to local units of government; to provide for local programming; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local agencies and officials; and to provide for penalties.

History: 2006, Act 480, Eff. Jan. 1, 2007

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 484.3301 Section Short title; definitions.
Section 484.3302 Section Uniform video service local franchise agreement; form; provisions.
Section 484.3303 Section Franchise agreement with local unit of government; notice of completion; approval; transferability; termination or modification; notice of change in information; duration of franchise; renewal; certain conditions prohibited.
Section 484.3304 Section Public, education, and government access channels; availability; manner of retransmission; interconnection; editorial control; liability; access to signals of local broadcast television station; prohibited conduct by provider; use of reception technology; use for noncommercial purposes; applicability of subsections (7) to (11); request specifying number of channels in actual use.
Section 484.3305 Section Renewal or extension of existing franchise agreement; unreasonable and unenforceable provisions; burdensome terms, conditions, or requirements.
Section 484.3306 Section Video service provider fee; payment; "gross revenues" defined; calculation; additional fee; credits; assessment; inapplicability of subsection after December 31, 2009.
Section 484.3307 Section Audits; claims for unpaid fees or refunds; identification and collection as separate line item.
Section 484.3308 Section Installation, construction, and maintenance of video service or communications network within public right-of-way; access; fee; limitation.
Section 484.3309 Section Denial of service access due to race or income; defense to violation of subsection (1); video service requirements; number of households; report on compliance with subsections (2) and (3); use of alternative technology; waiver or time extension; service outside provider's existing telephone exchange boundaries not required; mandatory build-out or deployment provisions, schedules, or requirements.
Section 484.3310 Section Prohibited conduct; establishment of dispute resolution process; notice to customers; filing of complaint; manner of dispute resolution.
Section 484.3311 Section Confidentiality.
Section 484.3312 Section Administration of act; limitations; report.
Section 484.3313 Section Voluntary franchise agreement.
Section 484.3314 Section Violation; remedies and penalties; costs; appeal and review.
Section 484.3315 Section Costs to commission in exercising duties; assessment of amount against each video service provider; limitation; deduction; credit of payments to special account; applicability of section.