MCL - Act 370 of 1974


Act 370 of 1974

AN ACT to provide for payments to certain persons who served in the armed forces of the United States, and to beneficiaries of those persons; to prescribe the powers and duties of the adjutant general and other state offices with respect thereto; to provide for the court of claims; to adjudicate appeals; to provide for acceptance of financial and other assistance from the federal government; to create a veterans' military pay fund in the state treasury; to make appropriations; to prescribe penalties for violations of the provisions of this act; to authorize the issuance of general obligation bonds of the state and to pledge the full faith and credit of the state for the payment of principal and interest thereon; to provide for other matters relating to the bonds and the use of the proceeds of sale of the bonds.

History: 1974, Act 370, Imd. Eff. Dec. 23, 1974 ;-- Am. 1975, Act 27, Imd. Eff. Apr. 24, 1975

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 35.1021 Section Short title.
Section 35.1022 Section Definitions.
Section 35.1023 Section Service bonus for combat veterans and veterans; amount.
Section 35.1024 Section Bonus as both veteran and combat veteran prohibited.
Section 35.1025 Section Veteran or combat veteran deceased or listed missing in action, or veteran deceased from service-connected causes after payment of bonus; rights of beneficiary.
Section 35.1026 Section Application for payment; form; certified copy of discharge or evidence of honest and faithful service.
Section 35.1027 Section Payment of claim; claim not assignable or subject to garnishment, attachment, or levy of execution; rejection of claim; notice; appeal; certification of record; order allowing or denying claim; return of files and records; reapplication for benefits.
Section 35.1027a Section Court of claims; jurisdiction extended to include claims made pursuant to this act; transferred claims; commissioner; rules; fees, expenses, and compensation; notice; hearing; abandoned claim; petition; examination of record; report; additional affidavits or depositions; order; appeal.
Section 35.1028 Section Expenses of administration; appropriation.
Section 35.1029 Section Wilful false statement; penalty.
Section 35.1030 Section Payments deemed gifts or gratuities.
Section 35.1031 Section Time limitation on application for benefits; exception.
Section 35.1032 Section Person not disqualified by eligibility or application for other benefits.
Section 35.1033 Section Federal financial aid or other assistance.
Section 35.1034 Section Bonds; issuance; purpose; procedure; source of payments to qualified veterans or beneficiaries.
Section 35.1035 Section Bonds; series; maturities; interest; prior redemption; registration; form; execution; investment and reinvestment of proceeds; sale; notice; bonds and notes not subject to revised municipal finance act; issuance subject to agency financing reporting act.
Section 35.1036 Section Bonds; disposition and disbursement of proceeds; deposit of premium and accrued interest.
Section 35.1037 Section Bonds; negotiable; tax exempt.
Section 35.1038 Section Bonds as investment securities.