MCL - Act 300 of 1974


Act 300 of 1974

AN ACT to regulate the practice of servicing and repairing motor vehicles; to proscribe unfair and deceptive practices; to provide for training and certification of mechanics; to provide for the registration of motor vehicle repair facilities; to provide for enforcement; and to prescribe penalties.

History: 1974, Act 300, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 257.1301 Section Short title.
Section 257.1302 Section Definitions; A to L.
Section 257.1302a Section Definitions; M to W.
Section 257.1303 Section Act inapplicable to gasoline service stations exclusively engaged in selling motor fuel and lubricants; minor repair services subject to act; exception.
Section 257.1304 Section Act inapplicable to certain persons.
Section 257.1305 Section Motor vehicle repair facility; certified specialty or master mechanic required; inspection and approval of work performed by noncertified mechanic; waiver.
Section 257.1306 Section Motor vehicle repair facility; registration required.
Section 257.1306a Section Motor vehicle repair facility providing BAIID service; approval of department; requirements; term; inspection.
Section 257.1307 Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 257.1307a Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 257.1307b Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 257.1307c Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 257.1307d Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 257.1307e Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 257.1307f Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 257.1308 Section Administration of act; nonaffiliation with facility.
Section 257.1309 Section Powers and duties of administrator; rules.
Section 257.1310 Section Certification as specialty mechanic; certification fee; initial specialty mechanic's certificate in BAIID service; examination; qualification certificate as master mechanic for automobiles, light trucks, or heavy-duty trucks.
Section 257.1310a Section Performance of BAIID service; certificate required; requirements; written installation verification.
Section 257.1310b Section Certification as specialty or master mechanic for automobiles and light trucks or heavy-duty trucks; certification as master motorcycle mechanic; certification as recreational trailer mechanic; eligibility.
Section 257.1311 Section Application for specialty or master mechanic's certificate; form; contents; terms; renewal.
Section 257.1312 Section Examination.
Section 257.1313 Section Mechanic trainee permit; duration; supervision; educational institution.
Section 257.1313a Section Training to mechanics or mechanic trainees; approval of school, academy, or similar establishment; contract.
Section 257.1313b Section Display of current and valid certificate; name and certification number to be affixed to statement of repairs; compliance with accepted motor vehicle repair industry standards; violation of subsection (3).
Section 257.1314 Section Registration form; contents.
Section 257.1315 Section Registration; expiration; renewal; operation pending renewal approval; fee; single registration form for more than 1 facility.
Section 257.1316 Section Change in ownership or name and address of facility; notice; owner as corporation; "change of ownership" defined.
Section 257.1317 Section Inspection; "reasonable business records" defined.
Section 257.1318 Section Records; inspection; "reasonable business records" defined; retention; time periods; records to be maintained by facility engaging in body work; contents; police book; dealer's license required.
Section 257.1318a Section Records of air bag sales, purchases, or acquisitions; period of time records required to be maintained.
Section 257.1319 Section Loss, destruction, or mutilation of registration, certificate, or trainee permit; replacement.
Section 257.1320 Section Specialty or master mechanic certificate; date of approval; expiration; renewal; conduct pending renewal.
Section 257.1321 Section Cease and desist order.
Section 257.1321a Section Summary suspension of registration, certificate, or mechanic trainee permit; affidavit; hearing; setting aside, continuing, or modifying order of summary suspension.
Section 257.1322 Section Administrative action against certain conduct; violation of subsection (1); powers of administrator; probation; conditions; other lawful remedies and sanctions.
Section 257.1323 Section Action by attorney general or county prosecutor.
Section 257.1324 Section Notice of alleged violation.
Section 257.1325 Section Action by administrator not restricted by expiration or absence of registration, certificate, or permit.
Section 257.1326 Section Public or private investigation by administrator; additional powers of administrator.
Section 257.1327 Section Voluntary assurance of discontinuance of alleged violation.
Section 257.1328 Section Oaths or affirmations; subpoena; order compelling compliance; contempt.
Section 257.1329 Section Service of process.
Section 257.1330 Section Fees.
Section 257.1331 Section Acts or practices barring action on contract, action for collection of compensation, or assertion of lien; recovery of amount paid unregistered facility.
Section 257.1332 Section Written estimate required; consent to excess charge; payment of actual cost if cost less than estimate; cost of returning vehicle to original condition; cost of diagnosis; waiver of rights; display of certificate of repair facility registration; inclusion of registration number on document.
Section 257.1332a Section Consumer information sign.
Section 257.1333 Section Right to receive or inspect replaced parts; notice; exchange agreement; disposition of replaced parts; display of sign at entrance of facility.
Section 257.1334 Section Written statement required upon return of repaired vehicle.
Section 257.1334a Section Written estimate not required if total cost less than $50.00; statement including actual cost of repairs.
Section 257.1335 Section False statement, misrepresentation, or failure to comply with cease and desist order.
Section 257.1336 Section Liability for damage or injury.
Section 257.1337 Section Mechanic or mechanic trainee as agent; joint and several liability; right to contribution.
Section 257.1338 Section Violation; penalty.
Section 257.1339 Section Rescission of R 257.101 to R 257.173.
Section 257.1340 Section Disposition of fees.