MCL - Act 214 of 1899


Act 214 of 1899

AN ACT to provide relief outside of the soldiers' home for honorably discharged indigent soldiers, sailors, marines, nurses and members of women's auxiliaries and the indigent wives, widows and minor children of such indigent or deceased soldiers, sailors, marines, nurses and members of women's auxiliaries, and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

History: 1899, Act 214, Eff. Sept. 23, 1899 ;-- Am. 1944, 1st Ex. Sess., Act 23, Imd. Eff. Feb. 29, 1944

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 35.21 Section Veterans' relief fund; levy and collection of annual tax; "period of war" defined; emergency appropriation; disposition.
Section 35.22 Section Soldiers' relief commission; membership; appointment; terms; chairperson; secretary; vacancy; oath of office; compensation; removal.
Section 35.23 Section Soldiers' relief commission; determination of amounts to be granted and manner of payment; judicial review.
Section 35.24 Section Emergency relief provision; limitations.
Section 35.25 Section Soldiers' relief commission; annual report, contents.
Section 35.26 Section Unexpended funds; transfer to general fund.
Section 35.27 Section Soldiers' relief commission; administration of oaths.