MCL - Act 167 of 1917


Act 167 of 1917

AN ACT to promote the health, safety and welfare of the people by regulating the maintenance, alteration, health, safety, and improvement of dwellings; to define the classes of dwellings affected by the act, and to establish administrative requirements; to prescribe procedures for the maintenance, improvement, or demolition of certain commercial buildings; to establish remedies; to provide for enforcement; to provide for the demolition of certain dwellings; and to fix penalties for the violation of this act.

History: 1917, Act 167, Eff. Aug. 10, 1917 ;-- Am. 1976, Act 116, Imd. Eff. May 14, 1976 ;-- Am. 1992, Act 144, Eff. Mar. 31, 1993

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
167-1917-I Division ARTICLE I GENERAL PROVISIONS. (125.401...125.410a)
167-1917-II Division ARTICLE II DWELLINGS HEREAFTER ERECTED. (125.411...125.450a)
167-1917-III Division ARTICLE III ALTERATIONS. (125.451...125.464)
167-1917-IV Division ARTICLE IV MAINTENANCE. (125.465...125.488)
167-1917-V Division ARTICLE V IMPROVEMENTS. (125.489...125.497)
167-1917-VI Division ARTICLE VI REQUIREMENTS AND REMEDIES. (125.498...125.519)
167-1917-VII Division ARTICLE VII ENFORCEMENT. (125.521...125.543)