MCL - Act 11 of 2022


Act 11 of 2022

AN ACT to license and regulate pharmacy benefit managers; to require reporting of certain data; to provide for the powers and duties of certain state governmental officers and entities; to provide remedies; to require the promulgation of rules; and to require and to provide sanctions for violation of this act.

History: 2022, Act 11, Eff. Jan. 1, 2024

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 550.811 Section Short title.
Section 550.815 Section Definitions; A to I.
Section 550.817 Section Definitions; M to P.
Section 550.819 Section Definitions; R to W.
Section 550.821 Section Pharmacy benefit manager; licensure; application requirements; modification notice; grounds for refusal, revocation, denial, or suspension; fines; notice and hearings; investigation of officers, directors and owners; renewal.
Section 550.823 Section Promulgation of rules.
Section 550.825 Section Contractual responsibilities; conflict of interest; exception for certain audits.
Section 550.827 Section Pharmacy benefit manager network; report; waiver; prohibition on spread pricing and fees for electronic processing.
Section 550.829 Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 550.831 Section Contractual restrictions and limitations with pharmacists or pharmacies; disclosure of costs; payment at point of sale.
Section 550.833 Section Transparency report; requirements; exempt from freedom of information act; report to legislature; inapplicable to Medicaid contracts.
Section 550.837 Section Maximum allowable costs; pharmacy benefit manager duties.
Section 550.838 Section Authorization to conduct audit; process and duties; written report; extrapolation audit prohibition; inapplicable to certain investigations; carrier pharmacy audits not impaired or superseded.
Section 550.839 Section Retail pharmacies; contractual restrictions and limitations; use of untrue, deceptive, or misleading advertisements; reversal and resubmission of claims; termination of pharmacy from pharmacy benefit manager network; retaliation prohibited; "personal representative" defined.
Section 550.840 Section Enforcement of act; examination and audit.
Section 550.841 Section Contract compliance; license requirement.
Section 550.843 Section Retention schedule; records, books, papers, and other data; destruction or disposal of certain documents prohibited.
Section 550.845 Section Scope of act.