MCL - Act 266 of 1995


Act 266 of 1995

AN ACT to authorize and regulate credit card transactions involving local units of government, including the use of credit cards by officers and employees of local units of government; and to provide for powers and duties of certain state and local agencies, officers, and employees.

History: 1995, Act 266, Eff. July 8, 1996

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 129.241 Section Definitions.
Section 129.242 Section Credit card arrangement; use of credit cards.
Section 129.243 Section Adoption of resolution; written policy; provisions.
Section 129.244 Section Total combined authorized credit limit; limitation; payment of balance, annual fee, and interest.
Section 129.245 Section Limiting or suspending authority to issue and use credit cards; issuance of order; hearing.
Section 129.246 Section Validity of credit card arrangement before effective date of act.
Section 129.247 Section Effective date.