MCL - 453-1976-5

Act 453 of 1976
Article 5

Document Type Description
Section 37.2501 Section Definitions.
Section 37.2502 Section Persons engaging in real estate transactions, real estate brokers, or real estate salesperson; prohibited practices; section subject to MCL 37.2503.
Section 37.2503 Section Nonapplicability of MCL 37.2502; “immediate family” defined; information relative to marital status.
Section 37.2504 Section Application for financial assistance or financing; prohibited practices; nonapplicability of MCL 37.2504(1)(b).
Section 37.2505 Section Condition, restriction, or prohibition limiting use or occupancy of real property; exceptions; inserting or honoring void provision.
Section 37.2506 Section Real estate transactions; prohibited representations.
Section 37.2506a Section Use by landlord of reasonable accommodations.
Section 37.2507 Section Plan.