MCL - Section 338.1057

Act 330 of 1968

338.1057 License; application; references; investigation; approval; nonrenewable temporary license; fees; section inapplicable to private college security force.

Sec. 7.

    (1) The department shall prepare a uniform application for the particular license and shall require the person filing the application to obtain reference statements from at least 5 reputable citizens who have known the applicant for a period of at least 5 years, who can attest that the applicant is honest, of good character, and competent, and who are not related or connected to the applicant by blood or marriage.
    (2) Upon receipt of the application and application fee, the department shall investigate the applicant's qualifications for licensure.
    (3) Except for a private college security force, the application and investigation are not considered complete until the applicant has received the approval of the prosecuting attorney and the sheriff of the county in this state within which the principal office of the applicant is to be located. If the office is to be located in a city, township, or village, the approval of the chief of police may be obtained instead of the sheriff. Branch offices and branch managers shall be similarly approved.
    (4) If a person has not previously been denied a license or has not had a previous license suspended or revoked, the department may issue a nonrenewable temporary license to an applicant. If approved by the department, the temporary license is valid until 1 or more of the following occur but not to exceed 120 days:
    (a) The completion of the investigations and approvals required under subsections (1), (2), and (3).
    (b) The completion of the investigation of the subject matter addressed in section 6.
    (c) The completion of the investigation of any employees of the licensee as further described in section 17.
    (d) Confirmation of compliance with the bonding or insurance requirements imposed in section 9.
    (e) The applicant fails to meet 1 or more of the requirements for licensure imposed under this act.
    (5) The fees for a temporary license shall be the applicable fees as described in section 9.
    (6) This section does not apply to a private college security force.

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