MCL - Section 33.38

Act 184 of 1893

33.38 Naval forces; equipment, rental of armory.

Sec. 38.

     The quartermaster general, on written requisition by the commanding officer of any division or subdivision of the naval forces of the state, duly approved by the commander of the battalion, shall furnish to such organization suitable uniforms, arms and equipment, including all suitable and proper armory equipment, and shall furnish to such organizations not equipped with an armory furnished by the state, a sum equal to the actual rental paid by such organization for armory accommodation, which shall include lighting, heating and janitor service: Provided, Such sum shall in no case exceed 1,500 dollars per year; and shall furnish to each organization of the naval forces of the state equipped with or sharing an armory furnished by the state, the cost of its proportion thereof of care and maintenance of such armory.

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