MCL - 232-1953-I

Act 232 of 1953
Chapter I
Document Type Description
Section 791.201 Section State department of corrections; creation; powers and duties; administration; Michigan corrections commission; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; officers and assistants; director as executive head; vacancy; compensation and expenses; executive office; office accommodations; meetings.
Section 791.201a Section Short title.
Section 791.202 Section Michigan corrections commission; election of chairperson and other officers; meetings; quorum; powers and duties; conducting business at public meeting; notice.
Section 791.203 Section Corrections commission; director of corrections, appointment, qualifications, salary, powers and duties.
Section 791.204 Section State department of corrections; jurisdiction.
Section 791.205 Section Corrections commission; assistant directors, powers and duties.
Section 791.205a Section Employment or appointment by department of person convicted or charged with felony; prohibition; exception; policy.
Section 791.206 Section Rules.
Section 791.207 Section Report to governor and legislature; time; order by board of auditors; printing and distribution.
Section 791.207a Section Records of department; accessibility by governing bodies of senate and house fiscal agency.
Section 791.208 Section Division of criminal statistics; powers and duties of director.
Section 791.208a Section Definitions; recidivism rates; collection and maintenance of data; manner.
Section 791.209 Section Corrections commission; crime prevention and criminology research.
Section 791.210 Section Corrections commission; bond of officers and employees, purpose.
Section 791.211 Section Corrections commission; powers and duties.
Section 791.211a Section Interstate corrections compact; contracts; suitability of institutions for confinement; out-of-state transfer of prisoners; conditions.
Section 791.212 Section Michigan corrections commission; seal; rules and orders; records and papers as evidence; commission as body corporate; leasing lands and granting easements; availability of certain writings to public.
Section 791.213 Section Corrections commission; gifts, donations, bonds, real or personal property; purpose.
Section 791.214 Section Corrections commission; estimation of needs and cost, submission to department of administration.
Section 791.214a Section Family reunification policy; family advisory board; creation; membership, duties.
Section 791.215 Section “Correctional facility” defined.
Section 791.216 Section Establishment of correctional facility; determination of need; comprehensive plan; notice of proposal; local advisory board; public hearing required; procedure; public notice of hearings; minutes of hearing; finding and notice of final site selection; option to lease, purchase, or use property.
Section 791.217 Section Action for noncompliance with site selection process.
Section 791.218 Section Relations with city, village, or township in which facility located; duties of advisory committee or advisory board.
Section 791.219 Section Applicability of MCL 791.215 to 791.219 to correctional facilities.
Section 791.220-791.220c Section Repealed. 1995, Act 28, Imd. Eff. May 10, 1995.
Section 791.220d Section Repealed. 1987, Act 176, Imd. Eff. Nov. 19, 1987.
Section 791.220e Section Scott correctional facility; western Wayne correctional facility; capacity limits; increase.
Section 791.220f Section Construction of correctional facility; requirements; definition.
Section 791.220g Section Youth correctional facility.
Section 791.220h Section Order of restitution; deductions and payments.
Section 791.220i Section Correctional facility described in MCL 791.220g; use; interlocal agreement; contract for housing, custody, and care of detainees or inmates from other agencies; requirements; performance of duties by personnel; oversight; civil liability; definitions.
Section 791.220j Section Contract resulting in annual savings; employment consideration.