MCL - 175-1927-XII

Act 175 of 1927
Chapter XII
Document Type Description
Section 772.1 Section Power of district or municipal judge to cause laws for preservation of public peace to be kept; requiring security to keep peace.
Section 772.2 Section Complaint; examination of complainant and witnesses.
Section 772.3 Section Warrant; issuance.
Section 772.4 Section Trial by jury or before court without jury; conduct of trial and selection of jury; recognizance to keep peace; special verdict.
Section 772.5 Section Compliance with order of court; discharge of accused.
Section 772.6 Section Failure to pay recognizance; commitment to county jail; hearing.
Section 772.7 Section Discharge of accused; unfounded, frivolous, or malicious complaint; payment of cost.
Section 772.8 Section Allowance and payment of costs.
Section 772.9 Section Appeal from order to recognize to keep peace.
Section 772.10 Section Appellate court to affirm order, discharge appellant, or require appellant to enter into new recognizance; costs.
Section 772.11 Section Failure to prosecute appeal; effect on recognizance; costs; condition.
Section 772.12 Section Discharge of person committed upon giving required security.
Section 772.13 Section Filing true copy of peace bond.
Section 772.13a Section Violation of recognizance; arrest by peace officer.
Section 772.13b Section Violation of peace bond; order to appear; warrant; hearing.
Section 772.14 Section Forfeiture of recognizance; remission of part of penalty; petition.
Section 772.14a Section Noncompliance with order; contempt; penalty.
Section 772.15 Section Surrender of principal by surety.