MCL - 175-1927-VIII

Act 175 of 1927
Chapter VIII
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Section 768.1 Section Speedy trial; right of parties; duty of public officers.
Section 768.2 Section Criminal cases; precedence; adjournment; continuance.
Section 768.3 Section Person indicted; presence at trial.
Section 768.4 Section Proof of felony at trial for misdemeanor; effect.
Section 768.5 Section Defendants jointly indicted; separation of trials.
Section 768.6 Section Commission of offense in certain state institutions; penalty.
Section 768.7 Section Jurisdiction over cases arising under MCL 768.6; proceedings; examination; warrant; custody of person confined; applicability of section and MCL 768.6.
Section 768.7a Section Commission of crime during incarceration in or escape from penal or reformatory institution; felony committed while on parole; term of imprisonment; supplementary powers conferred upon court.
Section 768.7b Section Commission of subsequent felony by person charged with felony; consecutive sentences; report.
Section 768.8 Section Issues of fact to be tried by jury; waiver of trial by jury.
Section 768.9 Section Challenge to juror for cause; membership on grand jury.
Section 768.10 Section Challenge to juror for cause; effect of opinion or impression not positive in character; declaration by juror.
Section 768.11 Section Repealed. 1978, Act 11, Imd. Eff. Feb. 8, 1978.
Section 768.12 Section Peremptory challenge; offense not punishable by death or life imprisonment; number.
Section 768.13 Section Peremptory challenge; offense punishable by death or life imprisonment; number.
Section 768.14 Section Jurors; form of oath.
Section 768.15 Section Jurors; affirmation in lieu of oath.
Section 768.16 Section Jurors; liberty; oath and duty of officer in charge.
Section 768.17 Section Jurors; medical attendance; use of newspapers and letters.
Section 768.18 Section Jury; impaneling; number of members; qualifications; excusing jurors; reducing jury to 12 members.
Section 768.19 Section Perjury; acts of officer under oath.
Section 768.20 Section Alibi as defense in felony case; notice of intention to claim defense; notice of rebuttal; disclosure and calling of additional witnesses.
Section 768.20a Section Insanity as defense in felony case; notice of intention to assert defense; examination; independent psychiatric evaluation; cooperation required; admissibility of statements; report; notice of rebuttal; admissibility of reports; “qualified personnel” defined.
Section 768.21 Section Failure to file and serve notices or to state names of witnesses with particularity; exclusion of evidence.
Section 768.21a Section Persons deemed legally insane; burden of proof.
Section 768.21b Section Breaking prison; defense of duress; notices; additional witnesses; consideration of conditions.
Section 768.21c Section Use of deadly force by individual in own dwelling; "dwelling" defined.
Section 768.22 Section Rules of evidence; applicability of criminal and quasi criminal proceedings; evidence of prior conviction.
Section 768.23 Section Exception; necessity of taking.
Section 768.24 Section Evidence; leading question.
Section 768.25 Section Evidence; proof of signature.
Section 768.26 Section Evidence; use of former testimony; deposition for defendant.
Section 768.27 Section Evidence; proof of intent or motive by similar acts.
Section 768.27a Section Evidence that defendant committed another listed offense against minor; admissibility; disclosure of evidence to defendant; definitions.
Section 768.27b Section Domestic violence or sexual assault offense; commission of other domestic violence acts; admissibility; disclosure; definitions; applicability of section.
Section 768.27c Section Statement by declarant; admissibility; circumstances relevant to trustworthiness; disclosure; privilege; definitions; applicability of section.
Section 768.28 Section Evidence; view by jury.
Section 768.28a Section Evidence obtained pursuant to federal court order authorizing or approving interception of wire or oral communications; admissibility.
Section 768.29 Section Judge's duty at trial; effect of failure to instruct.
Section 768.29a Section Defense of insanity in criminal action tried before jury; instructions.
Section 768.30 Section Exception to charge or refusal to charge; necessity.
Section 768.31 Section Joint defendants; discharge for insufficient evidence.
Section 768.32 Section Indictment for offense consisting of different degrees or for offense specified in MCL 333.7401 and 333.7403; finding of jury or judge; instructions.
Section 768.33 Section Offense consisting of different degrees; subsequent trial prohibited.
Section 768.34 Section Discharged or acquitted prisoner; liability for costs or fees.
Section 768.35 Section Plea of guilty; investigation by judge; sentence; refusal to accept.
Section 768.36 Section Defense of insanity in compliance with MCL 768.20a; finding of “guilty but mentally ill”; waiver of right to trial; plea of guilty but mentally ill; examination of reports; hearing; sentence; evaluation and treatment; discharge; report to parole board; treatment as condition of parole or probation; period of probation; psychiatric reports.
Section 768.37 Section Under influence of or impairment by alcoholic liquor or drug as defense prohibited; exception; definitions.