MCL - Section 800.61

Act 118 of 1893

800.61 Escaped convicts; measures for apprehension; reward; sentence.

Sec. 61.

     Whenever any convict shall escape from a prison, the warden shall take all proper measures for the apprehension of the convict, and for that purpose he or she may offer a reward not exceeding $50.00 for the apprehension and delivery of that convict; but with the consent of his or her board the reward may be increased to a sum not exceeding $500.00. All suitable rewards and other sums of money, necessarily paid for advertising and apprehending any convict who may escape from prison, shall be audited by the state treasurer, and paid out of the state treasury. If any prisoner shall be retaken, the time between the escape and his or her recommittal shall not be computed as part of the term of imprisonment, but he or she shall remain in the prison a sufficient length of time after the term of his or her sentence would have expired, if he or she had not escaped, to equal the period of time he or she may have been absent by reason of the escape.

History: 1893, Act 118, Imd. Eff. May 26, 1893 ;-- CL 1897, 2140 ;-- CL 1915, 1759 ;-- CL 1929, 17603 ;-- CL 1948, 800.61 ;-- Am. 2002, Act 89, Imd. Eff. Mar. 26, 2002
Popular Name: Prison Code