MCL - Section 600.5513

Act 236 of 1961

600.5513 Revocation of prisoner's good time or disciplinary credit; conditions.

Sec. 5513.

     In a civil action brought by a prisoner, the court may order the revocation of a prisoner's good time credit, disciplinary credit, or both, if, on its own motion or the motion of a party, the court finds that the prisoner filed an action prohibited under section 5503 or 5505 and 1 of the following applies:
    (a) The claim was filed for a malicious purpose.
    (b) The claim was filed solely to harass the party against whom it was filed.
    (c) The prisoner testified falsely or otherwise knowingly presents false evidence or information to the court.

History: Add. 1999, Act 147, Imd. Eff. Nov. 1, 1999