MCL - Section 390.1733

Act 366 of 2020

390.1733 Compensation by postsecondary educational institution, athletic association, or conference; prohibition; professional representation.

Sec. 3.

    A postsecondary educational institution, athletic association, conference, or other group or organization with authority over intercollegiate athletics shall not do either of the following:
    (a) Provide a prospective college athlete who will attend a postsecondary educational institution with compensation in relation to the athlete's name, image, or likeness rights.
    (b) Prevent a student who resides in this state and participates in intercollegiate athletics from obtaining professional representation in relation to contracts or legal matters regarding opportunities to be compensated for use of the student's name, image, or likeness rights, including, but not limited to, representation provided by an athlete agent or legal representation provided by an attorney.

History: 2020, Act 366, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 2021