MCL - Section 389.161

Act 331 of 1966

389.161 Definitions.

Sec. 161.

    As used in this chapter:
    (a) "Agreement" means a written agreement between an employer and a community college district concerning a project and any amendments to that agreement.
    (b) "Bond" or "bonds" means bonds, notes, or other debt issued by a community college district under this chapter.
    (c) "Employer" means a person that is engaged in business and has employees in this state.
    (d) "New job" means a full-time job in this state that meets all of the following:
    (i) Except as provided in subparagraph (ii) or (iii), is a new, existing, or expanding business of an employer.
    (ii) Is not a job of a recalled worker, a replacement job, or any other job that existed in the employer's business within the 1-year period preceding the date of an agreement.
    (iii) Is not a job that is part of an employer's business operation located in a municipality in this state, if that job existed in a business operation or a substantially similar business operation of the employer formerly located in another municipality in this state, the employer moved that business operation or substantially similar business operation to its current location, and the employer closed or substantially reduced that former business operation or substantially similar business operation.
    (iv) Results in a net increase in employment in this state for that employer.
    (v) The wage paid for the job at the time of the contract is at least the county ALICE rate. As used in this subdivision, "county ALICE rate" means an amount equal to the minimum hourly wage rate necessary to pay the minimal estimate of the total household essentials for a household of 1 adult and 1 child in the county in which a job is primarily performed, based on the most recent household survival budget data provided by United for ALICE at
    (e) "New jobs credit from withholding" means the credit described in section 163.
    (f) "New jobs training program" or "program" means the project or projects established by a community college district for the creation of jobs by providing education and training or retraining of workers for new jobs.
    (g) "Program costs" means all necessary and incidental costs of providing program services.
    (h) "Program services" includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:
    (i) Training or retraining for new jobs.
    (ii) Adult basic education and job-related instruction.
    (iii) Developmental, readiness, and remedial education.
    (iv) Vocational and skill-assessment services and testing.
    (v) Training facilities, equipment, materials, and supplies.
    (vi) Administrative expenses for the new jobs training program.
    (vii) Subcontracted services with public universities and colleges in this state, private colleges or universities, or any federal, state, or local departments or agencies.
    (viii) Contracted or professional services.
    (i) "Project" means a training arrangement that is the subject of an agreement entered into between the community college district and an employer to provide program services.
    (j) "State minimum wage" means the minimum hourly wage rate in effect as of the date the employer and the community college district enter into the agreement to establish the project under former 1964 PA 154 or under the workforce opportunity wage act, 2014 PA 138, MCL 408.411 to 408.424, as applicable.

History: Add. 2008, Act 359, Imd. Eff. Dec. 23, 2008 ;-- Am. 2015, Act 130, Imd. Eff. July 22, 2015 ;-- Am. 2023, Act 186, Imd. Eff. Nov. 7, 2023