MCL - Section 380.6

Act 451 of 1976

380.6 Definitions; S, T; "department" defined.

Sec. 6.

    (1) "School district" or "local school district" means a general powers school district organized under this act, regardless of previous classification, a community district, or a school district of the first class.
    (2) "School district filing official" means the school district election coordinator as defined in section 4 of the Michigan election law, MCL 168.4, or an authorized agent of the school district election coordinator.
    (3) "School elector" means a person qualified as an elector under section 492 of the Michigan election law, MCL 168.492, and resident of the school district or intermediate school district on or before the thirtieth day before the next ensuing regular or special school election.
    (4) "School month" means a 4-week period of 5 days each unless otherwise specified in the teacher's contract.
    (5) "School of excellence" means a school of excellence established under part 6e.
    (6) "Special education building and equipment" means a structure or portion of a structure or personal property accepted, leased, purchased, or otherwise acquired, prepared, or used for special education programs and services.
    (7) "Special education personnel" means persons engaged in and having professional responsibility for students with a disability in special education programs and services including, but not limited to, teachers, aides, school social workers, diagnostic personnel, physical therapists, occupational therapists, audiologists, teachers of speech and language, instructional media-curriculum specialists, mobility specialists, teacher consultants, supervisors, and directors.
    (8) "Special education programs and services" means educational and training services designed for students with a disability and operated by a school district, intermediate school district, the Michigan schools for the deaf and blind, the department of health and human services, or a combination of these, and ancillary professional services for students with a disability rendered by agencies approved by the superintendent of public instruction. The programs shall include vocational training, but need not include academic programs of college or university level.
    (9) "Special school election" or "special election" means a school district election to fill a vacancy on the school board or submit a ballot question to the school electors that is held on a regular election date established under section 641 of the Michigan election law, MCL 168.641.
    (10) "State approved nonpublic school" means a nonpublic school that complies with 1921 PA 302, MCL 388.551 to 388.558.
    (11) "State board" means the state board of education created by section 3 of article VIII of the state constitution of 1963 unless clearly otherwise stated.
    (12) "Student with a disability" means that term as defined in R 340.1702 of the Michigan administrative code.
    (13) "Department" means the department of education created under sections 300 to 305 of the executive organization act of 1965, 1965 PA 380, MCL 16.400 to 16.405.
    (14) "State school aid" means allotments from the general appropriating act for the purpose of aiding in the support of the public schools of the state, including, but not limited to, appropriations from the state school aid fund under the state school aid act of 1979.
    (15) "The state school aid act of 1979" means the state school aid act of 1979, 1979 PA 94, MCL 388.1601 to 388.1896.

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Popular Name: Act 451