MCL - Section 324.43531

Act 451 of 1994

324.43531 Fur harvester's license; exception; fees; conditions to issuance of nonresident fur harvester's license; rights of licensee; eligibility beginning March 1, 2014; validity of license.

Sec. 43531.

    (1) Except as otherwise provided in section 43523(2) or section 43523a(2), an individual shall not trap or hunt fur-bearing animals unless the individual possesses a fur harvester's license. However, an individual who goes on a bobcat hunt with a licensed hunter is not required to possess a fur harvester's license if the individual does not carry a firearm, bow, or crossbow and does not own dogs used to chase or locate a bobcat during the hunt.
    (2) The fee for a resident fur harvester's license is $15.00. The fee for a fur harvester's license for a resident or nonresident minor child 10 years old or older shall be discounted 50% from the cost of the resident fur harvester's license.
    (3) Until March 1, 2014, the department may issue a nonresident fur harvester's license to a nonresident of this state if the state, province, or country in which the nonresident applicant resides allows residents of this state to obtain equivalent hunting and trapping privileges in that state, province, or country. The fee for an eligible nonresident fur harvester's license is $150.00. Nonresident fur harvester's licenses shall not be sold or purchased before November 15 of each year.
    (4) An individual who holds a fur harvester's license may hunt fur-bearing animals during the season open to taking fur-bearing animals with firearms and may trap fur-bearing animals during the season open to trapping fur-bearing animals.
    (5) Beginning March 1, 2014, only an individual holding a valid base license is eligible to purchase a fur harvester's license, pursuant to current regulations. The fee for a fur harvester's license is $15.00.
    (6) Beginning March 1, 2014, for a nonresident holding a valid base license and a valid fur harvester's license, the fur harvester's license is not valid for fur-bearing species for which a bag limit has been established.

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