MCL - Section 324.30701

Act 451 of 1994

324.30701 Definitions.

Sec. 30701.

     As used in this part:
    (a) "Commissioner" means the county drain commissioner or the county road commission in counties not having a drain commissioner, and, if more than 1 county is involved, each of the drain commissioners or drain commissioner and road commission in counties having no drain commissioner.
    (b) "County board" means the county board of commissioners, and if more than 1 county is involved, the boards of commissioners of each of those counties.
    (c) "Court" means a circuit court, and if more than 1 judicial circuit is involved, the circuit court designated by the county board or otherwise authorized by law to preside over an action.
    (d) "Dam" means an artificial barrier, structure, or facility, and appurtenant works, used to regulate or maintain the level of an inland lake.
    (e) "Delegated authority" means the county drain commissioner or any other person designated by the county board to perform duties required under this part.
    (f) "Inland lake" means a natural or artificial lake, pond, impoundment, or a part of 1 of those bodies of water. Inland lake does not include the Great Lakes or Lake St. Clair.
    (g) "Interested person" means the department and a person who has a record interest in the title to, right of ingress to, or reversionary right to land that would be affected by a permanent change in the natural or normal level of an inland lake.
    (h) "Normal level" means the level or levels of the water of an inland lake that provide the most benefit to the public; that best protect the public health, safety, and welfare; that best preserve the natural resources of the state; and that best preserve and protect the value of property around the lake. A normal level shall be measured and described as an elevation based on national geodetic vertical datum.

History: Add. 1995, Act 59, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1995
Compiler's Notes: For transfer of authority, powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities of the Land and Water Management Division, with the exception of the farmland and open space preservation program, natural rivers program, and Michigan information resource inventory system, to the Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, see E.R.O. No. 1995-16, compiled at MCL 324.99901 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.
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