MCL - Section 15.244

Act 442 of 1976

15.244 Separation of exempt and nonexempt material; design of public record; description of material exempted.

Sec. 14.

    (1) If a public record contains material which is not exempt under section 13, as well as material which is exempt from disclosure under section 13, the public body shall separate the exempt and nonexempt material and make the nonexempt material available for examination and copying.
    (2) When designing a public record, a public body shall, to the extent practicable, facilitate a separation of exempt from nonexempt information. If the separation is readily apparent to a person requesting to inspect or receive copies of the form, the public body shall generally describe the material exempted unless that description would reveal the contents of the exempt information and thus defeat the purpose of the exemption.

History: 1976, Act 442, Eff. Apr. 13, 1977
Popular Name: Act 442
Popular Name: FOIA