MCL - Section 141.879

Act 395 of 1980

141.879 Building or combination of buildings with less than 10 rooms; agreement to be subject to assessment; participation in marketing program; duration of assessment.

Sec. 9.

    (1) The owner of a building or combination of buildings, which is within an assessment district, has less than 10 rooms, and otherwise meets the definition of transient facility, may agree in writing to be subject to the assessment. If an owner agrees to be subject to the assessment, the building or combination of buildings shall be considered a transient facility for the purposes of this act. The owner and transient facility shall participate in the marketing program for that assessment district.
    (2) A building or combination of buildings which becomes a transient facility under this section shall remain subject to the assessment unless the assessment is discontinued as provided in section 8.

History: Add. 1984, Act 59, Imd. Eff. Apr. 12, 1984