Committee Meeting

Meetings by bodies of elected members delegated by the House or Senate to consider and make recommendations concerning disposition of bills, resolutions, and other related matters referred to them. Committees are appointed by the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader and are organized according to subject matter.

Health Policy
Rep. Julie M. Rogers
Clerk Phone
(517) 373-5176
Room 519, House Office Building, Lansing, MI
Thursday 04/25/2024
10:30 AM
Time Notes
SB 449 (Sen. Kevin Daley) Human services: medical services; access to quality complex rehabilitation technology; provide for.

SB 450 (Sen. Jeff Irwin) Human services: medical services; definitions of quality complex rehabilitation technology; provide for.

HB 4291 (Rep. Felicia Brabec) Health: children; youth athletes; require department to develop educational materials and training program regarding sudden cardiac arrest in athletes and their return to athletic activity.

SB 482 (Sen. Kristen McDonald Rivet) Health: medical waste; containment of medical waste; modify.

And any other business properly before the committee.

Please see the House Committee Protocol pertaining to COVID-19:

In the spirit of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals with a disability should feel free to contact the Committee Clerk's Office by phone [(517) 373-0015] or by TDD [(517) 373-0543] if requesting special services to effectively participate in the meeting