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Senate: Adjourned until Wednesday, July 20, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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Committee Meeting
Meetings by bodies of elected members delegated by the House or Senate to consider and make recommendations concerning disposition of bills, resolutions, and other related matters referred to them. Committees are appointed by the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader and are organized according to subject matter.

Committee(s) Education and Career Readiness
ChairSen. Lana Theis
Clerk NameMike Sitkauskas
Clerk Phone517.373.5314
LocationRoom 1300, Binsfeld Office Building, 201 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48933
DateTuesday, 5/17/2022
Time12:00 PM
Time Notes
AgendaHB 4037 (Rep. Pamela Hornberger) School aid: fiscal year appropriations; requirement for certain assessments; eliminate.

HB 4038 (Rep. John Reilly) Education: examinations; administration of certain assessments; prohibit certain state agencies from requiring.

HB 4538 (Rep. Darrin Camilleri) Education: examinations; WorkKeys examinations; allow as an opt-in option for school districts.

HB 5686 (Rep. Pamela Hornberger) Education: other; changes to the pupil accounting and auditing manual; require legislative approval.

HB 4810 (Rep. David Martin) Education: examinations; certain requirements concerning the Michigan merit examination; modify.

HB 4811 (Rep. Brad Paquette) Education: examinations; certain requirements concerning the Michigan merit examination; modify.

HB 5190 (Rep. Diana Farrington) Education: curriculum; requirements for Michigan merit curriculum; modify.

HB 4375 (Rep. Steven Johnson) Retirement: public school employees; requirement that reporting unit pay unfunded actuarial accrued liability associated with employment of a retired substitute teacher; eliminate, and extend sunset for certain retirees reemployed by or at a reporting unit without forfeiting his or her retirement allowance.

HB 5536 (Rep. Lori Stone) Retirement: public school employees; reporting requirements regarding retirants rehired; provide for.

And any other business properly before the committee.

In the spirit of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals with a disability should feel free to contact the Senate Business Office by phone [(517) 373-1675] or email senbusinessoffice@senate.michigan.gov if requesting special services to effectively participate in the meeting.

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