senate resolution no.78

Senators Bizon, Barrett, Horn, Zorn, Shirkey, Santana, Geiss, Chang, Polehanki, MacDonald, Schmidt, Hollier and Bullock offered the following resolution:

A resolution to recognize September 22-28, 2019, as Michigan Rail Safety Week.

Whereas, The state of Michigan is a leader in supporting highway-rail grade crossing and pedestrian safety programs; and

Whereas, Highway-rail grade crossing crashes are more severe than highway collisions and are more likely to result in death or injury; and

 Whereas, In 2018, Michigan's highway-rail grade crossing crashes resulted in one person killed and fifteen people injured; and

Whereas, Also in 2018, Michigan's pedestrian/railroad trespass incidents on railroad property resulted in six people killed and six people injured; and

Whereas, Collisions between trains and other motor vehicles or pedestrians can be prevented by increasing public awareness of the dangers at railroad crossings and properties, as well as appropriate safety laws; and

Whereas, Operation Lifesaver is the foremost public information and education program dedicated to preventing highway-rail grade crossing crashes and pedestrian/railroad trespass incidents; and

Whereas, Michigan motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to seek proper caution when near tracks and trains; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate, That we recognize September 22-28, 2019, as Michigan Rail Safety Week; and be it further

Resolved, That we acknowledge the importance of improving awareness of rail safety by ensuring pedestrians and motorists look and listen while near railways. By informing the general public about obeying established traffic laws, we can help prevent future incidents.