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HJR O of 2019House Joint ResolutionCourts; judges; age limit for election of or appointment to a judicial office; eliminate. Amends sec. 19, art. VI of the state constitution.
Last Action: 10/22/2019 - printed joint resolution filed 10/22/2019
HR 0080 of 2019House ResolutionA resolution to declare April 29-May 3, 2019, as Black April Memorial Week in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: 04/30/2019 - adopted
HB 4031 of 2019House BillCriminal procedure; probation; supervision fees in the code of criminal procedure; modify. Amends sec. 13, ch. II & secs. 1 & 3c, ch. XI of 1927 PA 175 (MCL 762.13 et seq.). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4032'19
HB 4032 of 2019House BillCriminal procedure; other; supervision fees for probation and parole in code of corrections; modify. Amends secs. 25a, 36a & 85 of 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.225a et seq.). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4031'19
HB 4039 of 2019House BillTobacco; other; youth tobacco act; prohibit selling, giving, or furnishing tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia to individuals under 21 and repeal prohibition of the purchase, possession, or use of tobacco products by minors. Amends title & secs. 1, 2a & 4 of 1915 PA 31 (MCL 722.641 et seq.); adds sec. 3a & repeals sec. 2 of 1915 PA 31 (MCL 722.642).
Last Action: 01/16/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 01/15/2019
HB 4144 of 2019House BillJuveniles; juvenile justice services; county juvenile justice services reimbursements; modify. Amends sec. 117a of 1939 PA 280 (MCL 400.117a).
HB 4238 of 2019
(PA 61 of 2019)
House BillAppropriations; zero budget; judiciary; provide for fiscal year 2019-2020. Creates appropriation act.
Last Action: 10/08/2019 - disapproved line item(s) re-referred to Committee on Appropriations
HB 4357 of 2019House BillCriminal procedure; bail; setting of bond related to spousal or child support arrearage; modify.
Last Action: 03/14/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 03/13/2019
HB 4695 of 2019House BillLiens; construction; licensed contractor to provide certain documents when recording claim of lien; require. Amends sec. 114 of 1980 PA 497 (MCL 570.1114).
Last Action: 06/12/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 06/12/2019
HB 4696 of 2019House BillElections; judicial; age limit for eligibility for election as judge; eliminate. Amends secs. 391, 392a, 409, 411, 431, 433a & 467 of 1954 PA 116 (MCL 168.391 et seq.).
Last Action: 06/12/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 06/12/2019
HB 4826 of 2019House BillEducation; curriculum; program of instruction in free enterprise and entrepreneurship; establish as required part of curriculum. Amends sec. 1278 of 1976 PA 451 (MCL 380.1278) & adds sec. 1166b.
Last Action: 08/20/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 08/13/2019
HB 4835 of 2019House BillEconomic development; development incentives; small business growth acceleration board; create. Amends 1984 PA 270 (MCL 125.2001 - 125.2094) by adding ch. 7A.
Last Action: 10/24/2019 - referred to Committee on Ways and Means, with substitute (H-2)
HB 4853 of 2019
(PA 89 of 2019)
House BillRecords; vital records; waiver of vital record fee for certain individuals; provide for. Amends sec. 2891 of 1978 PA 368 (MCL 333.2891).
Last Action: 10/08/2019 - assigned PA 89'19 with immediate effect
HB 4854 of 2019House BillCrimes; weapons; penalties for intentionally placing and leaving a contraption or device capable of causing injury or death; provide for. Amends 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.1 - 750.568) by adding sec. 411y.
Last Action: 08/29/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 08/29/2019
HB 4855 of 2019House BillCriminal procedure; sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for crime of intentionally placing contraption or device capable of causing injury or death; enact. Amends sec. 16t, ch. XVII of 1927 PA 175 (MCL 777.16t). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4854'19
Last Action: 08/29/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 08/29/2019
HB 4978 of 2019House BillHealth; pharmaceuticals; program for the wholesale importation of pharmaceuticals from Canada; provide for. Creates new act.
Last Action: 09/18/2019 - bill electronically reproduced 09/18/2019
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