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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 312 of 1929 ‑ THE METROPOLITAN DISTRICT ACT (119.1 - 119.18)
     Section 119.1 ‑ Metropolitan districts; purposes; body corporate.
     Section 119.1a ‑ Metropolitan districts; short title.
     Section 119.2 ‑ Metropolitan district; powers; referendum.
     Section 119.2a ‑ Metropolitan district elections; administration; conduct; date.
     Section 119.3 ‑ Mandatory charter provisions.
     Section 119.4 ‑ Permissive charter provisions.
     Section 119.5 ‑ Powers; restrictions.
     Section 119.6 ‑ Incorporation; procedure; charter commission to prepare budget.
     Section 119.7 ‑ Charter commission; duties; first district election.
     Section 119.8 ‑ Charter rejection; unfavorable vote, charter provision; resubmission proceedings.
     Section 119.9 ‑ Amendment of charter.
     Section 119.9a ‑ Amendment to enlarge boundaries of metropolitan district; signing and filing petition; resolution; election; amendment of charter.
     Section 119.9b ‑ Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
     Section 119.10 ‑ Charter amendment; submission to governor; procedures after submittal.
     Section 119.11 ‑ Charter or amendment; publication; independent propositions, authorizing vote.
     Section 119.12 ‑ Charter or amendments; copies, filing.
     Section 119.13 ‑ Initiatory petition; filing; verification; checking; certification; submission of ballot question to electors.
     Section 119.15 ‑ Metropolitan districts; short title.
     Section 119.16 ‑ Dissolution of metropolitan district; resolution.
     Section 119.17 ‑ Duties of legislative body prior to dissolution; plan for disposition of assets and liabilities; resolution; insufficient assets.
     Section 119.17a ‑ Dissolution of metropolitan district; petition; submission of ballot question to electors; language; form; approval by majority of electors.
     Section 119.17b ‑ Dissolution of metropolitan district; transfer of powers, duties, assets, and liabilities; appointment of board of trustees; duties.
     Section 119.18 ‑ Deposit of records; notice to governor.
Act 147 of 1939 ‑ HURON-CLINTON METROPOLITAN AUTHORITY (119.51 - 119.62)
     Section 119.51 ‑ Huron-Clinton metropolitan authority; incorporation, counties.
     Section 119.52 ‑ Huron-Clinton metropolitan authority; definitions.
     Section 119.53 ‑ Powers; co-operation; charges; succession to rights; vote.
     Section 119.54 ‑ Board of commissioners; election and appointment, term.
     Section 119.55 ‑ Board of commissioners; meetings; organization; employes.
     Section 119.56 ‑ Board of commissioners; records; accounts; treasurer's bond.
     Section 119.57 ‑ Board of commissioners; levy of tax, procedure.
     Section 119.58 ‑ Revenue bonds; issuance; lien.
     Section 119.59 ‑ Property, purchase, gift or devise; condemnation, procedure.
     Section 119.60 ‑ Referendum.
     Section 119.61 ‑ Referendum; approval by two or more counties; resubmission; governing body.
     Section 119.62 ‑ Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.

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