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Act 205 of 1951
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Act 205 of 1951

AN ACT to provide for the coverage of certain officers and employees of the state of Michigan, of instrumentalities of the state of Michigan, of interstate instrumentalities jointly created by the state of Michigan and any other state or states, and of local governments of the state of Michigan under the old-age and survivors insurance provisions of title II of the federal social security act, as amended; to prescribe the powers and duties of the state retirement board in respect to such coverage; to provide for the cost of administration of this act by collections from employers above the costs of coverage.

History: 1951, Act 205, Imd. Eff. June 14, 1951

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 38.851SectionFederal social security old-age and survivors insurance coverage; extension to public employees; maintenance of benefits.
Section 38.852SectionExtension of social security to public employees; definitions.
Section 38.853SectionAgreement to extend benefits of federal old-age and survivors insurance system; contents; approval; separate retirement systems.
Section 38.854SectionExtension of social security; joint action with other states.
Section 38.855SectionEmployee contributions required.
Section 38.856SectionEmployee contributions; payroll deduction.
Section 38.857SectionEmployee contributions; adjustments, refunds.
Section 38.858SectionPolitical subdivision; submission of plan for extension of social security benefits; requirements, approval.
Section 38.859SectionPolitical subdivision; plan to provide for appropriations to contribution fund.
Section 38.860SectionNonapproval of plan; notice, hearing; review by supreme court.
Section 38.861SectionPolitical subdivision; payments into contribution fund.
Section 38.862SectionDelinquent payments; recovery with interest from political subdivision.
Section 38.863SectionContribution fund; establishment; deposits.
Section 38.864SectionContribution fund; administrative account, establishment, deposits.
Section 38.865SectionContribution fund; segregation; withdrawals.
Section 38.866SectionContribution fund; payments to secretary of treasury.
Section 38.867SectionContribution fund; administration.
Section 38.868SectionAnnual appropriation to contribution fund for payments to secretary of treasury.
Section 38.869SectionAppropriation of all contributions to contribution fund.
Section 38.870SectionRules and regulations.
Section 38.871SectionState employees' retirement system; referendum on coverage; petition; conduct; notice; supplemental statement; governor's certificate.
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