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Act 344 of 1972
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Act 344 of 1972

AN ACT to permit producers of agriculture commodities to be represented by associations; to create an agricultural marketing and bargaining board; to provide for the accreditation of associations; to establish obligations on the part of handlers and associations; to provide for arbitration; to define unfair practices; and to prescribe penalties.

History: 1972, Act 344, Eff. Mar. 30, 1973

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 290.701SectionShort title.
Section 290.702SectionDefinitions.
Section 290.702aSectionExcluded sales.
Section 290.703SectionAdministration and implementation of act; rules.
Section 290.704SectionVoluntary associations; prohibited practices; complaints; orders.
Section 290.705SectionEnforcement of orders; temporary relief or restraining orders; jurisdiction; objections; findings; additional evidence; review; stay.
Section 290.706SectionProposed bargaining unit; determination of appropriateness; criteria.
Section 290.707SectionAccreditation of association; requirements.
Section 290.708SectionRequest for accreditation; contents; fee; report.
Section 290.709SectionRequest for accreditation; determination by department; amended request; public hearing; notice.
Section 290.710SectionRequest for accreditation; issuance and publication of determination; preliminary declaration; service fees; effective date of accreditation; referendum; denial of accreditation.
Section 290.711SectionAnnual report of accredited association.
Section 290.712SectionRevocation of accreditation.
Section 290.713Section“Bargaining” defined; accredited association as exclusive representative; negotiations; notice.
Section 290.714SectionMediation of issues; duties of department; designation of person to act in department's behalf; fee.
Section 290.715SectionElection not to purchase or sell during marketing period.
Section 290.716SectionArbitration; agreements as to agricultural commodities; disputed quantities; offer; claim for relief; determination of reasonableness; joint settlement committee.
Section 290.717SectionHearing; notice; duties of chairperson; intervention; evidence; informal proceedings; verbatim record; transcripts; expense; adjournment; conclusion; majority actions and rulings.
Section 290.718SectionJoint settlement committee; powers; oaths; subpoenas; contempt.
Section 290.719SectionJoint settlement committee; findings of fact; issuance of award.
Section 290.720SectionJoint settlement committee; decision; basis.
Section 290.721SectionFinality of committee's decision; enforcement.
Section 290.722SectionDisobeying or resisting order; contempt.
Section 290.723SectionJudicial review of committee awards.
Section 290.724SectionMailing copy of contract or award to department.
Section 290.725SectionAccess of department to evidence; refusal to obey subpoena; service of process.
Section 290.726SectionAntitrust law not violated.
Section 290.727SectionRepealed. 1976, Act 155, Imd. Eff. June 17, 1976.
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