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Act 149 of 1869
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Act 149 of 1869

AN ACT to authorize the formation of corporations for the purpose of improving the navigation of rivers.

History: 1869, Act 149, Imd. Eff. Apr. 5, 1869

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 485.101SectionCorporations to improve on rivers; formation; tolls.
Section 485.102SectionCorporations to improve on rivers; certificate, contents, acknowledgment, recording, filing.
Section 485.103SectionBody corporate; powers; governing law.
Section 485.104SectionImprovement of streams; consent of governor and attorney general.
Section 485.105SectionMap or plan; application for approval; hearing, procedure, approval; alteration of plan.
Section 485.106SectionDirectors; powers, election, term, vacancy, qualification.
Section 485.107SectionDirectors; calling of election.
Section 485.108SectionDirectors; majority control.
Section 485.109SectionDirectors; president; treasurer; selection, vacancy.
Section 485.110SectionPresident and directors; powers.
Section 485.111SectionSubscriptions; increase in capital stock, certificate, filing.
Section 485.112SectionSubscriptions; calling in; sale, procedure, purchaser's rights.
Section 485.113SectionCorporate powers.
Section 485.114SectionTolls; forfeiture of right to collect.
Section 485.115SectionTolls; power of board to fix; jurisdiction of corporation; annual statement, contents.
Section 485.116SectionTolls; improved streams open to all.
Section 485.117SectionTolls; collection.
Section 485.118SectionLien on floatables; sale, procedure.
Section 485.119SectionStream to be kept in repair; forfeiture.
Section 485.120SectionInjury to stream or property; penalty.
Section 485.121SectionLog jam; power to break, lien for cost.
Section 485.122SectionLien; enforcement.
Section 485.123SectionLien on floatables; owner unknown or without jurisdiction of court.
Section 485.124SectionAnnual report; contents.
Section 485.125SectionTaxation.
Section 485.126SectionStockholder's liability; recovery prerequisites.
Section 485.127SectionShares deemed personalty; transfer.
Section 485.129SectionGoverning laws.
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