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Act 407 of 2016

Section 339.5501SectionComplaint; submission.
Section 339.5503SectionComplaint; investigation of allegations; correspondence file; acknowledgement; complaint made by department.
Section 339.5505SectionInvestigation; petition to issue subpoena.
Section 339.5507SectionInvestigation; report; closing of complaint; action.
Section 339.5509SectionSummary suspension of license; order; affidavit; administrative proceedings; petition to dissolve order; hearing; granting request; exception; record.
Section 339.5511SectionOrder to cease and desist; hearing; action to restrain and enjoin.
Section 339.5513SectionSummary suspension order, cease and desist order, or injunctive relief; addition to other action.
Section 339.5515SectionFormal complaint and notice; service; alternatives; informal conference; settlement; contested case hearing.
Section 339.5517SectionShowing compliance with act, rule, or order in contested case hearing.
Section 339.5519SectionHearing.
Section 339.5521SectionSubpoena.
Section 339.5523SectionDetermination of findings of fact and conclusions of law; hearing report.
Section 339.5525SectionAssessment of penalties; determination; basis; transcript; time limits; issuance of final order; board member prohibited from participation in final determination.
Section 339.5527SectionPetition; review.
Section 339.5529SectionPetition; writing; reasons.
Section 339.5531SectionIssuance of license based on review of qualifications.
Section 339.5533SectionDecision to place limitation; petition to review; reply; removal of limitation.
Section 339.5535SectionGrievance under former act.
Section 339.5537SectionCitation; issuance; conditions; contents; "employee of the department" defined.
Section 339.5539SectionCitation; notice of acceptance or denial of violation; signature; return; placement in records; force and effect as final order; disclosure; removal; explanation; statement; formal complaint.
Section 339.5541SectionEffect of signature.
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