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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 168 of 1913 ‑ Repealed-WEIGHTS AND MEASURES (290.1 - 290.10)
R.S. of 1846 ‑ Repealed-Revised Statutes of 1846 (290.17 - 290.19)
Act 17 of 1929 ‑ FRUIT STANDARDS (290.21 - 290.21)
     Section 290.21 ‑ Legal fruit standards.
Act 223 of 1863 ‑ WEIGHT PER BUSHEL (290.31 - 290.31)
     Section 290.31 ‑ Weight per bushel.
Act 84 of 1871 ‑ WEIGHT OF LIME (290.41 - 290.41)
     Section 290.41 ‑ Stone lime; weight of bushel.
Act 87 of 1939 ‑ Repealed-STATE APPLE COMMISSION; ASSESSMENT ON APPLES (290.51 - 290.66)
Act 63 of 1877 ‑ BUSHEL OF APPLES; WEIGHT (290.71 - 290.71)
     Section 290.71 ‑ Apples; weight of bushel.
Act 132 of 1937 ‑ Repealed-STANDARD GRADES FOR APPLES (290.81 - 290.90)
     Section 290.101 ‑ Standard barrel for fruits, vegetables and dry commodities other than cranberries.
     Section 290.102 ‑ Violation; definition; penalty.
     Section 290.103 ‑ Variations; prosecutions; commodities sold by weight or count.
     Section 290.104 ‑ Effective date.
Act 10 of 1945 ‑ Repealed-WEIGHTS FOR PACKAGED FLOURS, CORN MEALS, HOMINY, AND HOMINY GRITS (290.111 - 290.113)
Act 101 of 1871 ‑ Repealed-SIZE OF PEACH BASKETS (290.121 - 290.121)
     Section 290.131 ‑ Standard climax baskets for fruits and vegetables.
     Section 290.132 ‑ Standard containers for small fruits, berries and vegetables.
     Section 290.133 ‑ Violations of act; penalty; foreign shipments.
     Section 290.134 ‑ Examination and test; compliance; determination by department.
     Section 290.135 ‑ Duty of prosecuting attorney.
     Section 290.136 ‑ Guaranty relieving dealer from prosecution; liability of guarantor.
     Section 290.137 ‑ Effective date.
Act 145 of 1925 ‑ Repealed-STANDARD GRADES FOR GRAPES (290.141 - 290.148)
     Section 290.151 ‑ Standard grades for table stock potatoes; sale of unclassified potatoes.
     Section 290.152 ‑ Potatoes; definitions.
     Section 290.153 ‑ Unlawful sale or commerce in ungraded potatoes.
     Section 290.154 ‑ Sale and transportation without required branding on container unlawful; cards; conclusive evidence.
     Section 290.155 ‑ Inspection of potatoes in storage or in transit.
     Section 290.156 ‑ Inspection of potatoes in storage or in transit; taking samples, payment.
     Section 290.157 ‑ Enforcement; right of entry for inspection.
     Section 290.158 ‑ Enforcement; rules and regulations.
     Section 290.159 ‑ Intent of act.
     Section 290.161 ‑ Person, definition; liability for violation by employe.
     Section 290.162 ‑ Violation of act; misdemeanor, penalty.
Act 227 of 1929 ‑ Repealed-HANDLING AND TRANSPORTATION OF POTATOES (290.171 - 290.174)
Act 208 of 1961 ‑ Repealed-STATE POTATO INDUSTRY COUNCIL (290.181 - 290.192)
Act 317 of 1941 ‑ Repealed-BREAD STANDARDS (290.201 - 290.203)
Act 110 of 1909 ‑ LINSEED OR FLAXSEED OIL (290.251 - 290.256)
     Section 290.251 ‑ Linseed or flaxseed oil; raw or boiled, requirements; adulterated.
     Section 290.252 ‑ Linseed or flaxseed oil; name on barrel or container; evidence of violation.
     Section 290.253 ‑ Linseed or flaxseed oil; compounds, branding; misbranded, definition.
     Section 290.254 ‑ Enforcement.
     Section 290.255 ‑ Right of access; samples; duty to prosecute; hindering prohibited.
     Section 290.256 ‑ Penalty for violation of act.
Act 57 of 1925 ‑ STANDARD GRADES OF NAVAL STORES (290.301 - 290.305)
     Section 290.301 ‑ Naval stores standards; definitions.
     Section 290.302 ‑ Standards of quality and purity.
     Section 290.303 ‑ Prohibited acts.
     Section 290.304 ‑ Enforcement; rights and duties of commissioner and agents.
     Section 290.305 ‑ Violation of act; penalty.
Act 227 of 1915 ‑ GALVANIZED WIRE FENCE (290.351 - 290.360)
     Section 290.351 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; standard test gauge.
     Section 290.352 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; galvanizing test.
     Section 290.353 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; standard grades.
     Section 290.354 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; label.
     Section 290.355 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; label, annexing conditions; fee.
     Section 290.356 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; test, board of agriculture; permit; label contents.
     Section 290.357 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; unlawful sales, penalty; civil liability.
     Section 290.358 ‑ Galvanized wire fence; taking samples; tests.
     Section 290.359 ‑ Tests, accounts, publication; expenses; unexpended balance.
     Section 290.360 ‑ Effective date.
Act 208 of 1941 ‑ STANDARD LOG RULE (290.401 - 290.401)
     Section 290.401 ‑ Standard log rule; establishment.
Act 29 of 1970 ‑ STATE POTATO INDUSTRY COMMISSION (290.421 - 290.430)
     Section 290.421 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.422 ‑ Potato industry commission; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancies; meetings; chairperson; quorum; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; special meetings; compensation and expenses; handling, use, and disposition of funds; annual fee; gifts, grants, and items of value; books, records, and accounts; availability of documents to public; borrowing money; assessment of outstanding loans; financial report.
     Section 290.423 ‑ Powers and duties of commission; rules.
     Section 290.424 ‑ Assessment on growers and shippers; rates; exemption; shipper application and certificate; records; inspection; reports; payment of assessment by shipper; limitation on assessment increase.
     Section 290.424a ‑ Exemption of certain information from freedom of information act.
     Section 290.425 ‑ Failure to pay assessment; penalty.
     Section 290.426 ‑ Failure to pay assessment or file report; false information; penalty.
     Section 290.427 ‑ Enforcement; reimbursement for costs; appropriation.
     Section 290.428 ‑ Referendum; votes; rules; petition to terminate shipper assessments; referendum by mail; conditions for termination of shipper assessments; adoption of assessment increase; public hearing; findings and recommendations; assent to proposal.
     Section 290.429 ‑ Petition to terminate commission; referendum by mail; conditions for termination of commission.
     Section 290.429a ‑ Referendum; vote as to whether commission shall levy assessments and carry out act.
     Section 290.430 ‑ Repeal.
Act 158 of 1964 ‑ WHOLESALE POTATO DEALERS (290.451 - 290.466)
     Section 290.451 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.452 ‑ License required; exemptions.
     Section 290.453 ‑ Application for license; contents; fee; submission of false information; expiration.
     Section 290.454 ‑ Wholesale potato dealers; display of license, inspection.
     Section 290.455 ‑ Wholesale potato dealers; identification card; fees.
     Section 290.456 ‑ Grounds for refusal, suspension, or revocation of license; hearing.
     Section 290.457 ‑ Records; examination.
     Section 290.458 ‑ Irrevocable letter of credit or surety bond required; exemptions; falsification of application, statement, or record.
     Section 290.459 ‑ Surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit generally.
     Section 290.460 ‑ Default of licensee; filing statement of grower's claim or certified copy of judgment; time.
     Section 290.461 ‑ Repealed. 1968, Act 63, Eff. May 31, 1968.
     Section 290.461a ‑ Examination of records; inquiries; seizing assets of licensee; hearing; order; appeal; action against seized assets; distribution to claimants; return of remaining assets to licensee; action for recovery of money.
     Section 290.462 ‑ Filing claim; time period.
     Section 290.463 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Jan. 2, 2001.
     Section 290.464 ‑ Waiver.
     Section 290.465 ‑ Violation of act; misdemeanor, penalty.
     Section 290.466 ‑ Repeal.
Act 228 of 1947 ‑ Repealed-CHERRIES (290.501 - 290.515)
Act 162 of 1955 ‑ LIMING MATERIAL (290.531 - 290.538)
     Section 290.531 ‑ Liming material; definition; container label, contents; exception.
     Section 290.532 ‑ Liming material; filing certificate of analysis; representative sample; affidavit; beneficial use by-product.
     Section 290.533 ‑ Liming material; license fee; records.
     Section 290.534 ‑ Liming material; annual analysis.
     Section 290.535 ‑ Surplus from license fees.
     Section 290.536 ‑ Violation; penalty, damages for misrepresentation.
     Section 290.537 ‑ Selection of material for analysis; inspection; seizure.
     Section 290.538 ‑ Director; enforcement of act.
Act 114 of 1965 ‑ BEANS (290.551 - 290.568)
     Section 290.551 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.552 ‑ Division of state into districts.
     Section 290.553 ‑ Michigan bean commission; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; ex officio members; reapportionment.
     Section 290.554 ‑ Michigan bean commission; procedure for appointment of members; meetings; cessation of membership; vacancies; selection and appointment of member at large.
     Section 290.555 ‑ Michigan bean commission; quorum; compensation and expenses; conducting business at public meeting; notice.
     Section 290.556 ‑ Michigan bean commission; election of chairman, treasurer, and other officers; appointment and compensation of executive secretary.
     Section 290.557 ‑ Bean commission; deposit of money received; treasurer's bond; “financial institution” defined.
     Section 290.558 ‑ Bean commission; body corporate, seal, records as evidence.
     Section 290.559 ‑ Bean commission; state and employees not liable for acts; disbursements.
     Section 290.560 ‑ Michigan bean commission; powers and duties generally; prohibitions.
     Section 290.561 ‑ Enforcement; reimbursement for costs.
     Section 290.562 ‑ Grower assessment on beans grown and produced.
     Section 290.562a ‑ Assessment on beans grown and produced; payment; report; use; research advisory board; referendum.
     Section 290.562b ‑ Changing method or amount of assessment; referendum; implementation of proposed change.
     Section 290.563 ‑ Repealed. 1976, Act 403, Imd. Eff. Jan. 5, 1977.
     Section 290.564 ‑ Supplemental assessment for special projects; referendum to determine rate; collection.
     Section 290.565 ‑ Records of first receiver; preservation; availability; records of grower processing or retailing own production.
     Section 290.566 ‑ Violation; penalties; prosecution.
     Section 290.567 ‑ Referendum on continuation of commission functions; referendum on termination of commission; petition; notice; hearings; cessation of operations and transfer of assets; voting; submitting ballot to legislative committees for review.
     Section 290.568 ‑ Effective date.
Act 272 of 2006 ‑ Repealed-RENEWABLE FUELS COMMISSION ACT (290.581 - 290.586)
E.R.O. No. 2010‑7 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (290.591 - 290.591)
     Section 290.591 ‑ Transfer of renewable fuels commission to department of energy, labor, and economic growth by type III transfer; abolishment of renewable fuels commission.
Act 283 of 1964 ‑ WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT (290.601 - 290.635)
     Section 290.601 ‑ Short title.
     Section 290.602 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.603 ‑ Recognized systems of weights and measures; use; recognized definitions, tables, and equivalents governing equipment and transactions.
     Section 290.604 ‑ State reference standards of weights and measures; storage; maintenance; removal from laboratory; use.
     Section 290.605 ‑ Keeping copies of state primary standards as secondary standards; field standards and equipment; verification.
     Section 290.606 ‑ State director of weights and measures; deputy; inspectors.
     Section 290.607 ‑ Custody and records of standards and equipment; enforcement of act; general supervision; annual report.
     Section 290.608 ‑ Rules; exemptions.
     Section 290.609 ‑ State director of weights and measures; testing of standards, inspections; testing of weights and measures for state purchases.
     Section 290.609a ‑ Weighing device; measuring device; certificates of conformance; participating laboratory.
     Section 290.609b ‑ Servicepersons and agencies; registration requirements; fee; denial, suspension, or revocation of registration; enforcement action.
     Section 290.610 ‑ State director of weights and measures; inspecting and testing of weights and measures kept for sale or used commercially; sampling.
     Section 290.610a ‑ Inspection fee; fees and expenses for special services; disposition of monies.
     Section 290.610b ‑ Fee schedules.
     Section 290.611 ‑ State director of weights and measures; investigation of complaints; commercial transactions.
     Section 290.612 ‑ State director of weights and measures; weight, measurement, or inspection of packages of commodities, sampling procedures.
     Section 290.613 ‑ State director of weights and measures; stop-use orders, stop-removal orders, removal orders.
     Section 290.614 ‑ State director of weights and measures; approval, rejection, condemnation, confiscation.
     Section 290.615 ‑ State director of weights and measures; enforcement, seizure without formal warrant.
     Section 290.616 ‑ State director of weights and measures; powers of deputy director and inspectors.
     Section 290.617 ‑ Sealer of weights and measures, deputy sealers, supervising inspectors, city and county inspectors; appointment.
     Section 290.618 ‑ Sealer of weights and measures, deputy sealers, supervising inspectors, city and county inspectors; jurisdiction; city or county ordinances.
     Section 290.619 ‑ City and county official standards; comparison with state standards.
     Section 290.620 ‑ Joint county and city weights and measures jurisdiction; powers.
     Section 290.621 ‑ State director of weights and measures; concurrent enforcement powers.
     Section 290.622 ‑ Rejected or condemned weights and measures; disposition.
     Section 290.623 ‑ Commodities, liquid, nonliquid, measurement; exceptions.
     Section 290.624 ‑ Package labels; contents; allowable variations.
     Section 290.625 ‑ Package labels; random weights, measures or counts, additional declarations.
     Section 290.626 ‑ Packages; misleading wrappers.
     Section 290.627 ‑ Packages; advertisement, declaration of quantity.
     Section 290.628 ‑ Commodities; sale by weight, net weight.
     Section 290.628a ‑ Meat, meat products, poultry and seafood sold by weight; food combination sold by weight, quantity representation by total weight of product or combination.
     Section 290.628b ‑ Commodity or service; sale by weight, measure or count; misrepresentation; display of price including fraction of a cent.
     Section 290.628c ‑ Commodity sale; method; packaging and labeling requirements; certificate of conformance; compliance standards; registration for servicepersons and agencies; "ton" and "gross ton" defined; motor vehicle repair facility.
     Section 290.628d ‑ Gross weight of vehicle or truck tractor with multiple trailers; determination; scale; inapplicability of section to enforcement of vehicle weight under Michigan vehicle code.
     Section 290.628e ‑ Sale of motor fuel at roadside retail location; advertising; use of proprietary fuel name; conditions regarding payment by cash or credit card.
     Section 290.628f ‑ Pump with scanning device for reading customer payment card; security measure required; notice of noncompliance; failure to make correction; prohibition; definitions.
     Section 290.629 ‑ Assaulting, inflicting bodily injury upon, hindering, or obstructing certain persons in performance of official duties as misdemeanor; penalties.
     Section 290.630 ‑ Impersonation of officers.
     Section 290.631 ‑ Prohibited acts; penalties; fines; closure of facility; inspection; consent order; disposition of fines or recovered amounts.
     Section 290.631a ‑ Consent agreement; proceeding; action by attorney general; fines.
     Section 290.632 ‑ Temporary restraining order; preliminary or permanent injunction.
     Section 290.633 ‑ Proof of existence of weight, measure or device; presumption.
     Section 290.634 ‑ Repeal.
     Section 290.635 ‑ Rescission of R 285.559.
Act 44 of 1984 ‑ MOTOR FUELS QUALITY ACT (290.641 - 290.650d)
     Section 290.641 ‑ Short title.
     Section 290.642 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.643 ‑ Establishment of standards by rules.
     Section 290.644 ‑ Transferring, selling, dispensing, or offering gasoline for sale; posting notice on pump dispensing gasoline; contents and design of notice; exception; rule to contain design for uniform notice; violation; liability; disposition of civil fine; applicability of subsection (1).
     Section 290.644a ‑ Testing storage tank at retail outlet to determine water or water-alcohol level; prohibited sales; testing supplies.
     Section 290.645 ‑ Prohibitions; contents of bill, invoice, or other instrument evidencing delivery of gasoline, diesel fuel, biodiesel, biodiesel blend, or hydrogen fuel; violation; disposition of civil fine.
     Section 290.645a ‑ Renewable fuels fund; creation; deposits; investment; funds at close of fiscal year; disbursement; department as administrator; definitions.
     Section 290.646 ‑ License required; coordination of licensing; expiration and renewal of license; application for license; grounds for suspending, denying, or revoking license; conviction under weights and measures act; effect of suspension, revocation, or denial of license or other licenses; registering blended products; "completed application" defined.
     Section 290.647 ‑ Inspection, investigation, and testing program; establishment; purpose; monitoring; payment of expenses; consumer hot line; violation; providing documents; authority of director; enforcement powers; transmitting information; rules; implementation of program.
     Section 290.648 ‑ Gasoline inspection and testing fund; creation; administration; investment of money; use of money and earnings from investment; disposition of civil fines, appropriations, federal money, and other funds.
     Section 290.649 ‑ Civil action for damage to motor vehicle; costs; other rights to relief not restricted.
     Section 290.649a ‑ Rules.
     Section 290.649b ‑ Dispensing facility exempt from certain requirements; annual report; records; notice.
     Section 290.649c ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 104, Imd. Eff. Apr. 6, 2006.
     Section 290.649d ‑ Maintenance of stage I vapor-recovery system; inspection of systems; repair, modification, or tampering prohibited.
     Section 290.649e, 290.649f ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 104, Imd. Eff. Apr. 6, 2006.
     Section 290.649g ‑ Records.
     Section 290.649h ‑ Duties of director to implement MCL 290.649a to 290.649h; rejected or condemned equipment; enforcement; temporary restraining order or permanent injunction.
     Section 290.649i ‑ Dispensing permit; requirements; fees; issuance of license within certain time period; “completed application” defined.
     Section 290.649j ‑ Delivery of gasoline; Stage I vapor-recovery system; applicability of subsection (7).
     Section 290.649k ‑ Declaration of emergency.
     Section 290.649l ‑ Variance; conditions for granting; fines; disposition.
     Section 290.650 ‑ Hindering, obstructing, assaulting, or committing bodily injury upon director or authorized representative as misdemeanor; penalty.
     Section 290.650a ‑ Violation; administrative fine; hearing; judicial review; action brought by attorney general; payment and disposition of fine, costs, and economic benefit.
     Section 290.650b ‑ Conduct as misdemeanor or felony; assessment of costs.
     Section 290.650c ‑ Stage I vapor control program; implementation.
     Section 290.650d ‑ Areas requiring certain vapor pressure; termination of requirement.
Act 232 of 1965 ‑ AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES MARKETING ACT (290.651 - 290.674)
     Section 290.651 ‑ Agricultural commodities marketing act; short title.
     Section 290.652 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.653 ‑ Marketing agreements; provisions allowed; provisions required; substantial compliance.
     Section 290.654 ‑ Inspection and grading; approved inspectors.
     Section 290.655 ‑ Assessments to defray program and administrative costs; collection; maximum assessment to be specified; collection by processors, distributors, or handlers; disposition; trust fund; complaint; notice of due date; ability to borrow money; assessment for loans and interest.
     Section 290.656 ‑ Marketing program; temporary suspension, duration.
     Section 290.657 ‑ Committee; establishment; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; reapportionment of districts; expenses and per diem; duties and responsibilities; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; availability of writings to public; exemption of certain information from freedom of information act.
     Section 290.658 ‑ Disposition of moneys or assets collected; expenditures.
     Section 290.659 ‑ Refunds.
     Section 290.660 ‑ Petition for program or amendment; notice; public hearing; decision by director; producers.
     Section 290.661 ‑ Referendum to determine assent of producers and processors.
     Section 290.662 ‑ Referendum; director to establish procedures for determination of volume.
     Section 290.663 ‑ Termination of program; petition, hearing, recommendation, referendum.
     Section 290.664 ‑ Program approved by referendum; duties of director.
     Section 290.665 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 601, Imd. Eff. Dec. 20, 2002.
     Section 290.666 ‑ Deposit by applicants of funds for expenses; reimbursement.
     Section 290.667 ‑ Marketing agreements with producers, handlers and others; effective upon signing.
     Section 290.668 ‑ Rules and regulations; duty of director.
     Section 290.668a ‑ Rescission of R 290.1 to R 290.18.
     Section 290.668b ‑ Rescission of R 285.311.
     Section 290.669 ‑ Action to enforce compliance; injunction; jurisdiction.
     Section 290.670 ‑ Suspension of statute where marketing program approved; exception.
     Section 290.671 ‑ Referendum; requirements; exception; time period.
     Section 290.672 ‑ Interest on unpaid assessment.
     Section 290.673 ‑ Violations; penalties.
     Section 290.674 ‑ Venue for prosecution of violation; enforcement; institution of prosecution for violation.
Act 153 of 1975 ‑ MARKETING FEES FOR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES (290.691 - 290.693)
     Section 290.691 ‑ Deduction and remittance of marketing fees by purchaser of fruits and vegetables; statement.
     Section 290.692 ‑ Enforcement; complaint; investigation; hearing; powers and duties of hearing officer; judicial order; contempt; rules.
     Section 290.693 ‑ Order requiring remittance of moneys to designated association; cease and desist order; recovery of costs and expenses; order dismissing complaint; civil penalty.
Act 344 of 1972 ‑ AGRICULTURAL MARKETING AND BARGAINING ACT (290.701 - 290.727)
     Section 290.701 ‑ Short title.
     Section 290.702 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.702a ‑ Excluded sales.
     Section 290.703 ‑ Administration and implementation of act; rules.
     Section 290.704 ‑ Voluntary associations; prohibited practices; complaints; orders.
     Section 290.705 ‑ Enforcement of orders; temporary relief or restraining orders; jurisdiction; objections; findings; additional evidence; review; stay.
     Section 290.706 ‑ Proposed bargaining unit; determination of appropriateness; criteria.
     Section 290.707 ‑ Accreditation of association; requirements.
     Section 290.708 ‑ Request for accreditation; contents; fee; report.
     Section 290.709 ‑ Request for accreditation; determination by department; amended request; public hearing; notice.
     Section 290.710 ‑ Request for accreditation; issuance and publication of determination; preliminary declaration; service fees; effective date of accreditation; referendum; denial of accreditation.
     Section 290.711 ‑ Annual report of accredited association.
     Section 290.712 ‑ Revocation of accreditation.
     Section 290.713 ‑ “Bargaining” defined; accredited association as exclusive representative; negotiations; notice.
     Section 290.714 ‑ Mediation of issues; duties of department; designation of person to act in department's behalf; fee.
     Section 290.715 ‑ Election not to purchase or sell during marketing period.
     Section 290.716 ‑ Arbitration; agreements as to agricultural commodities; disputed quantities; offer; claim for relief; determination of reasonableness; joint settlement committee.
     Section 290.717 ‑ Hearing; notice; duties of chairperson; intervention; evidence; informal proceedings; verbatim record; transcripts; expense; adjournment; conclusion; majority actions and rulings.
     Section 290.718 ‑ Joint settlement committee; powers; oaths; subpoenas; contempt.
     Section 290.719 ‑ Joint settlement committee; findings of fact; issuance of award.
     Section 290.720 ‑ Joint settlement committee; decision; basis.
     Section 290.721 ‑ Finality of committee's decision; enforcement.
     Section 290.722 ‑ Disobeying or resisting order; contempt.
     Section 290.723 ‑ Judicial review of committee awards.
     Section 290.724 ‑ Mailing copy of contract or award to department.
     Section 290.725 ‑ Access of department to evidence; refusal to obey subpoena; service of process.
     Section 290.726 ‑ Antitrust law not violated.
     Section 290.727 ‑ Repealed. 1976, Act 155, Imd. Eff. June 17, 1976.
E.R.O. No. 2007‑7 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (290.741 - 290.741)
     Section 290.741 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties of agricultural marketing and bargaining board to department of agriculture by type III transfer; abolishment of agricultural marketing and bargaining board.
Act 184 of 1994 ‑ MICHIGAN GINSENG ACT (290.751 - 290.781)
     Section 290.751 ‑ Short title.
     Section 290.753 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 290.755 ‑ Ginseng management program; establishment; administration; purpose; ginseng management program fund; payment, deposit, and use of money; rules.
     Section 290.757 ‑ Inspection; seizure; forfeiture; deposit of proceeds from sale of seized ginseng; inspection fee.
     Section 290.758 ‑ Ginseng certificate required; prohibited conduct.
     Section 290.759 ‑ Ginseng plants or plant parts sold for propagation.
     Section 290.761 ‑ Sale of cultivated ginseng by grower.
     Section 290.763 ‑ Wild ginseng.
     Section 290.765 ‑ Grower's license; dealer's license; fee; expiration; requirement.
     Section 290.767 ‑ Prohibited conduct by dealer.
     Section 290.769 ‑ Cultivated and wild ginseng submitted for weighing.
     Section 290.771 ‑ Record of sale.
     Section 290.773 ‑ Retention of record; availability for inspection.
     Section 290.777 ‑ Prohibited conduct.
     Section 290.779 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor.
     Section 290.781 ‑ Administrative fine; warning in lieu of fine; civil action by attorney general to recover fine.

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