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Section 207.707a

Act 385 of 1984

207.707a District or exemption certificate; approval or disapproval; effective date of exemption certificate; appeal.

Sec. 7a.

  (1) After June 30, 1990, the establishment of a district under section 5 and the approval or disapproval of an exemption certificate under section 7 is subject to the approval or disapproval of the department of treasury. If the department of treasury does not disapprove the establishment of a district or approval of an exemption certificate within 30 days after the adoption of the resolution by the local governmental unit establishing the district or approving the certificate, the district or exemption certificate shall be considered approved by the department. If the resolution approving an exemption certificate is adopted within 30 days before the end of a tax year and the department of treasury does not disapprove the exemption certificate, the exemption certificate is effective on the effective date that the legislative body of the local governmental unit specifies in the certificate.
  (2) A party aggrieved by the action of the department of treasury may appeal that action in the manner and form and within the time provided by the administrative procedures act of 1969, Act No. 306 of the Public Acts of 1969, being sections 24.201 to 24.328 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

History: Add. 1990, Act 151, Imd. Eff. June 27, 1990

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