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Act 424 of 1984
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Act 424 of 1984

AN ACT to define and regulate rental-purchase agreements; to require certain disclosures; and to provide for remedies and penalties.

History: 1984, Act 424, Eff. Mar. 29, 1985

© 2017 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 445.951SectionShort title.
Section 445.952SectionDefinitions.
Section 445.953SectionRental-purchase agreement; form; contents; information requirements; separate form; disclosure of additional information.
Section 445.954SectionAmount necessary to acquire ownership; amount applied toward purchase price.
Section 445.955SectionAdvertising requirements; requirements as to items displayed or offered under rental-purchase agreement.
Section 445.956SectionProhibited provisions in rental-purchase agreement.
Section 445.957SectionProhibited requirements.
Section 445.958SectionFailure to make timely periodic payment; rights of lessee; reinstatement; late or delivery fee; same or substitute item provided on reinstatement.
Section 445.959SectionTemporary or permanent injunction; venue; costs; civil penalty; notice of intended action; opportunity to cease and desist or to confer with attorney general; notice of alleged violation; civil penalty for knowing violation.
Section 445.960SectionAssurance of discontinuance.
Section 445.961SectionSubpoena; service and contents of notice; extension of reporting date; modification or setting aside of notice and subpoena; confidentiality; disclosures; disclosure as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 445.962SectionCompliance with terms of notice; prohibited conduct; civil penalty; petition for order to enforce compliance; violation of final order as civil contempt; enjoining person from doing business in state.
Section 445.963SectionClass action for actual damages; order; appointment of receiver; sequestration of assets; cost of notice; effect of bona fide error; limitations.
Section 445.964SectionAction for declaratory judgment or injunction; action for actual damages and attorneys' fees; class action for actual damages; order; appointment of receiver; sequestration of assets; cost of notice to class; effect of bona fide effort; limitations; defense or counterclaim.
Section 445.965SectionMailing copy of complaint, judgment, decree, or order to attorney general.
Section 445.966SectionPayment of filing fees.
Section 445.967SectionAid and assistance of law enforcement officer.
Section 445.968SectionInvestigation and prosecution by prosecuting attorney.
Section 445.969SectionOther causes of action not affected; inconsistent ordinance or regulation prohibited.
Section 445.970SectionExample of form satisfying requirements of act.
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