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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

R.S. of 1846 ‑ Revised Statutes of 1846 (14.28 - 14.35)
     R‑S‑1846‑14‑28‑12 ‑ CHAPTER 12 Chapter 12. Of Certain State Officers.3 (14.28...14.35)
          R‑S‑1846‑14‑28‑12‑THE‑ATTORNEY-GENERAL. ‑ THE ATTORNEY GENERAL. (14.28...14.35)
               Section 14.28 ‑ Representation of state; designation of solicitor general.
               Section 14.29 ‑ Suits involving state departments.
               Section 14.30 ‑ Supervision of prosecutors; report to legislature.
               Section 14.31 ‑ Annual report to legislature; abstract of prosecutor's reports.
               Section 14.32 ‑ Opinions for state officials; failure of prosecutors to file annual reports.
               Section 14.33 ‑ Moneys received payable to state treasury; deposit of proceeds to restricted fund; “proceeds” defined.
               Section 14.34 ‑ Record of participation in actions; delivery to successor.
               Section 14.35 ‑ Salary; assistants; service on commissions.
Act 153 of 1917 ‑ DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL (14.41 - 14.42)
     Section 14.41 ‑ Deputy attorney general; appointment, duties.
     Section 14.42 ‑ Department appropriation.
Act 232 of 1919 ‑ INTERVENTION OF ATTORNEY GENERAL (14.101 - 14.102)
     Section 14.101 ‑ Intervention; authorization.
     Section 14.102 ‑ Intervention; venue of actions at law, service of process.
Act 153 of 1897 ‑ EXPENSES IN CASES FOR STATE (14.111 - 14.112)
     Section 14.111 ‑ Appearance of attorney general in cases for state; expenses; authorization.
     Section 14.112 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 384, Imd. Eff. May 30, 2002.
Act 375 of 1927 ‑ COLLECTION DEPARTMENT (14.131 - 14.134)
     Section 14.131 ‑ Collection department; creation, control by attorney general.
     Section 14.132 ‑ Employees; bond.
     Section 14.133 ‑ Forwarding of accounts; records; reports.
     Section 14.134 ‑ Action by attorney general; settlement and compromise of claims and accounts.
     Section 14.141 ‑ Investigation of books of township or school district or public officer thereof; procedure; duty of auditor general.
     Section 14.142 ‑ Investigation of books; production of records; witnesses; orders and subpoenas.
     Section 14.143 ‑ Investigation of books; filing of report; criminal and civil proceedings; cause for removal of attorney general.
     Section 14.144 ‑ Giving or offering to examiner or other employee money, gift, emolument, or thing of value; purposes; misdemeanor; penalty.
     Section 14.145 ‑ Receiving or soliciting money, gift, emolument, or anything of value; purposes; misdemeanor; penalty.
Act 53 of 1849 ‑ Repealed-REPORTS FROM PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS (14.151 - 14.151)
Act 270 of 1947 ‑ Repealed-FOREIGN AGENCIES (14.201 - 14.207)
     Section 14.251 ‑ Charitable trusts; supervision; application of act.
     Section 14.252 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 14.253 ‑ Governmental and corporate exclusions; exceptions; registration and reporting requirements for irrevocable trusts; testamentary or inter vivos trusts not deemed as charitable.
     Section 14.254 ‑ Attorney general; jurisdiction and control; parties represented; powers and duties; probate of will; notice; procedures; register of trusts and trustees.
     Section 14.255 ‑ Filing of trust instrument and inventory of assets; time.
     Section 14.256 ‑ Audit report; trustee's report; distribution of assets; hearing; notice to attorney general; approval; rules; reports; suspension; trustee's account; first report.
     Section 14.257 ‑ Rules and regulations by attorney general.
     Section 14.258 ‑ Investigation of transactions.
     Section 14.259 ‑ Order for appearance; enforcement.
     Section 14.260 ‑ Register, copies of instruments and reports; public inspection.
     Section 14.261 ‑ Enforcement to ensure compliance with act; proper accounting; jurisdiction of courts.
     Section 14.262 ‑ Application of act irrespective of contents of instrument.
     Section 14.263 ‑ Custodians of public records; copies of instruments.
     Section 14.264 ‑ Applications for exemption from taxation; filing of list with attorney general.
     Section 14.265 ‑ Purpose and construction of act.
     Section 14.266 ‑ Short title.
Act 78 of 1971 ‑ CHARITABLE TRUSTEES POWERS ACT (14.271 - 14.287)
     Section 14.271 ‑ Short title.
     Section 14.272 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 14.273 ‑ Applicability of act.
     Section 14.274 ‑ Trustee of private foundation or split interest trust; duties, and powers generally.
     Section 14.275 ‑ Tax exemption, deduction, or credit; distributions; prohibited conduct.
     Section 14.276 ‑ Split interest trust; applicability of section 14.275(3)(b) and (c).
     Section 14.277 ‑ Distributions; trust investment more restrictive than or inconsistent with this act; notice to attorney general.
     Section 14.278 ‑ Amendment of trust instrument.
     Section 14.279 ‑ Trustee; relief from restrictions of trust instrument.
     Section 14.280 ‑ Trustee; release of power to select charitable donee.
     Section 14.281 ‑ Delivery of release; effect of specifying public charitable organization as beneficiary.
     Section 14.282 ‑ Public charitable trust; supervision by specified public charitable organization.
     Section 14.283 ‑ Filing copy of trust instrument and report with specified public charitable organization.
     Section 14.284 ‑ Effect of delivery of release and acceptance thereof; supervisory authority of public charitable organization.
     Section 14.285 ‑ Termination or dissolution of private foundation trust; consent of attorney general.
     Section 14.286 ‑ Action to enforce act.
     Section 14.287 ‑ Interpretation of act.
Act 298 of 1992 ‑ PUBLIC SAFETY SOLICITATION ACT (14.301 - 14.327)
     Section 14.301 ‑ Short title.
     Section 14.302 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 14.303 ‑ Soliciting contributions; registration of organization with attorney general; form; contents; reporting category distributions; registration fee; effective date, expiration, and renewal of registration.
     Section 14.304 ‑ Soliciting contributions by professional fund-raiser; registration with attorney general; form; contents; surety bond; registration fee; effective date, expiration, and renewal of registration; maintaining list of individuals making solicitations.
     Section 14.305 ‑ Notice of change of information.
     Section 14.306 ‑ Public inspection of registration forms and documents; exemption.
     Section 14.307 ‑ Registration of out-of-state organization or professional fund-raiser; designation of resident agent required.
     Section 14.308 ‑ Service of process.
     Section 14.309 ‑ Use of name, symbol, or statement.
     Section 14.310 ‑ Diversion of solicited funds.
     Section 14.311 ‑ Misrepresenting, misleading, making false statements, using other than legal name, or taking advantage of inability to protect interests; recording telephone communications; identification as public safety officer or member of organization; making face-to-face solicitations.
     Section 14.312 ‑ Disclosure statement; providing percentage ranges upon request.
     Section 14.313 ‑ Information printed on written request for payment.
     Section 14.314 ‑ Exemptions.
     Section 14.315 ‑ Toll-free telephone number; establishment; purpose.
     Section 14.316 ‑ Authority of attorney general to bring action in court; notice; opportunity to cease and desist; forwarding notice of violation and information; civil penalty.
     Section 14.317 ‑ Assurance of discontinuance of method, act, or practice; filing; enforcement; modification.
     Section 14.318 ‑ Subpoena to appear before attorney general; producing documentary material; service and contents of notice; extending reporting date; modifying or setting aside notice and subpoena; confidentiality of records.
     Section 14.319 ‑ Compliance with terms of notice; prohibited conduct; civil penalty; order to enforce compliance; enjoining person from soliciting contributions.
     Section 14.320 ‑ Class action.
     Section 14.321 ‑ Actions to obtain declaratory judgment or injunctions; action to recover actual damages; class action; appointing receiver or ordering sequestration of assets; cost of notice; limitation on damages resulting from bona fide error; statute of limitations; asserting defense or counterclaim.
     Section 14.322 ‑ Commencement of action; mailing copy of complaint, judgment, decree, or order; proof of violation of permanent injunction.
     Section 14.323 ‑ Filing fees not required; conditions.
     Section 14.324 ‑ Law enforcement officer; aid and assistance in investigation.
     Section 14.325 ‑ Prosecuting attorney; powers and authority.
     Section 14.326 ‑ Attorney general or local prosecutors; powers or duties not limited or restricted by act.
     Section 14.327 ‑ Conditional effective date.

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