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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 176 of 1939 ‑ EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS COMMISSION (423.1 - 423.30)
     Section 423.1 ‑ Declaration of public policy.
     Section 423.2 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 423.3 ‑ Employment relations commission; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of commissioners.
     Section 423.4 ‑ Employment relations commission; oath of commissioners; vacancies; chairman; removal; quorum; seal.
     Section 423.5 ‑ Employment relations commission; compensation and expenses of commissioners and employees.
     Section 423.6 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 250, Imd. Eff. June 20, 1978.
     Section 423.7 ‑ Employment relations commission; principal office; office space; rules.
     Section 423.7a ‑ Employment relations commission; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; availability of certain writings to public.
     Section 423.8 ‑ Employees; rights.
     Section 423.9 ‑ Prerequisites for strike or lockout; notice of dispute and statement of issues; mediation.
     Section 423.9a ‑ Election in case of impending strike; conduct and supervision; time; persons entitled to vote; secret ballot; place; rules; absentee voting; hearing on eligibility to vote; determination.
     Section 423.9b, 423.9c ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 250, Imd. Eff. June 20, 1978.
     Section 423.9d ‑ Voluntary arbitration; existing collective agreement as binding on parties; agreement to arbitrate; designation of arbitrator; expense of arbitration; enforcement of agreement; hearings; notice; procedure; transcript; findings; opinion and award; enforcement of award.
     Section 423.9e ‑ Bargaining unit.
     Section 423.9f ‑ Mass picketing; threats or force, picketing private residence, misdemeanor.
     Section 423.9g ‑ Copy or statement of most recent offer submitted by employer to bargaining unit.
     Section 423.10 ‑ Steps by commission to effect settlement.
     Section 423.11 ‑ Hearings; witnesses; oaths; evidence; subpoena; order requiring appearance; contempt; service of process or papers; proof of service.
     Section 423.12 ‑ Disqualification of commissioner.
     Section 423.13‑423.13g ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 250, Imd. Eff. June 20, 1978.
     Section 423.14 ‑ Agreements between employer and union; prohibitions; court jurisdiction; violation; penalty; civil action; appropriation.
     Section 423.15 ‑ Unlawful possession of property; penalty.
     Section 423.16 ‑ Company unions; interference with unions and discrimination prohibited.
     Section 423.17 ‑ Prohibited conduct; violation; civil fine.
     Section 423.17a ‑ Unlawful picketing to force recognition or bargain with labor organization.
     Section 423.19 ‑ Liberal construction of act; police powers.
     Section 423.20 ‑ Expenses paid from legislated appropriations.
     Section 423.22 ‑ Unlawful acts; legal or equitable remedy.
     Section 423.22a ‑ Repealed. 1949, Act 230, Imd. Eff. May 31, 1949.
     Section 423.23 ‑ Review of rulings or orders by supreme court; exceptions; violations of certain provisions as unfair labor practices; remedies; procedures.
     Section 423.24 ‑ Conspiracy; penalty.
     Section 423.25 ‑ Written findings as to matters in disagreement; availability of writings to public.
     Section 423.25a ‑ Confidential information.
     Section 423.26 ‑ Collective bargaining representatives; duties; grievances by individual employee; adjustment.
     Section 423.27 ‑ Petition as to representation; investigation; hearing; election.
     Section 423.28 ‑ Determination of appropriate unit for collective bargaining.
     Section 423.29 ‑ Directing election in bargaining unit; eligibility to vote; rules; rerun and runoff elections; election on petition of persons not parties to collective bargaining agreement.
     Section 423.30 ‑ Duty to bargain; collective bargaining, definition.
Act 336 of 1947 ‑ PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS (423.201 - 423.217)
     Section 423.201 ‑ Definitions; rights of public employees.
     Section 423.201a ‑ Provisions subject to certain acts.
     Section 423.202 ‑ Strike by public employee; lockout by public school employer.
     Section 423.202a ‑ Allegation of strike by public school employees or lockout by public school employer; notice to commission; hearing; notification of name and home address of each public school employee participating in strike; serving or mailing notice; presumption; challenge; filing of affidavit and supporting proof by employee; hearing to determine if employee engaged in strike; determination; order; deduction from annual salary; determination that public school employer instituted lockout; fines; deduction and disposition of fines; collection proceedings; fines additional to other penalties; injunction; duties of court; reimbursement prohibited; “public school employee” defined.
     Section 423.203 ‑ Public employees; persons in authority approving or consenting to strike prohibited; participating in submittal of grievance.
     Section 423.204 ‑ Repealed. 1965, Act 379, Imd. Eff. July 23, 1965.
     Section 423.204a ‑ Application of act to state civil service employees.
     Section 423.205 ‑ Repealed. 1965, Act 379, Imd. Eff. July 23, 1965.
     Section 423.206 ‑ Public employee; conduct considered to be on strike; proceeding to determine violation of act; time; decision; review; applicability of subsection (2) to penalty imposed under MCL 423.202a.
     Section 423.207 ‑ Request for mediation of grievances; powers of commission; notice of status of negotiations; appointment of mediator.
     Section 423.207a ‑ Additional mediation.
     Section 423.208 ‑ Repealed. 1965, Act 379, Imd. Eff. July 23, 1965.
     Section 423.209 ‑ Public employees; rights; prohibited conduct; violation; civil fine.
     Section 423.210 ‑ Prohibited conduct by public employer or officer or agent; prohibited conduct by labor organization; conduct not required as condition for obtaining or continuing public employment; exception; enforceability of agreement, contract, understanding, or practice; jurisdiction of court; appropriation; violation; civil fine; verification by independent examiner; declaration identifying local bargaining units; civil action.
     Section 423.211 ‑ Public employees; designation of bargaining representatives; grievances of individual employees.
     Section 423.212 ‑ Collective bargaining representative; petition; investigation; notice; hearing; election by secret ballot; certification of results; consent election.
     Section 423.213 ‑ Decision as to appropriate collective bargaining unit; supervisor of fire fighting personnel.
     Section 423.214 ‑ Elections; eligibility to vote; rules; runoff election; effect of collective bargaining agreement; bargaining unit of public employer consisting of individuals not public employees as invalid and void.
     Section 423.215 ‑ Collective bargaining; duties of employer, public school employer, and employees' representative; prohibited subjects between public school employer and bargaining representative of employee; placement of public school in state school reform/redesign school district or under chief executive officer; effect of financial stability and choice act; selection method for certain departments or boards; prohibited subjects of bargaining; duties; costs of independent examiner verification.
     Section 423.215a ‑ Right of employee of public fire department to volunteer or accept employment with another fire department.
     Section 423.215b ‑ Expiration date of collective bargaining agreement; wages and benefits; levels and amounts; retroactive levels and amounts prohibited; provisions applicable to labor disputes submitted to compulsory arbitration; definitions.
     Section 423.216 ‑ Violations of MCL 423.210 as unfair labor practices; remedies; procedures.
     Section 423.217 ‑ Bargaining representative or education association; prohibited conduct; violation of section; “education association” defined.
     Section 423.231 ‑ Compulsory arbitration in police and fire departments; policy.
     Section 423.232 ‑ “Public police or fire department employee,”“emergency medical service personnel,” and “emergency telephone operator” defined; provisions inapplicable to certain persons.
     Section 423.233 ‑ Initiation of binding arbitration proceedings; request.
     Section 423.234 ‑ Delegates; selection; notice.
     Section 423.235 ‑ Selection and designation of impartial arbitrator or chairman of arbitration panel; Michigan employment relations commission panel of arbitrators; appointment, terms, qualifications, and removal of members; qualifications and training for service as chair of arbitration panel.
     Section 423.236 ‑ Arbitrator; duties; hearing; intervenors; evidence; record; expenses; actions and rulings.
     Section 423.237 ‑ Oaths; subpoenas; failure to obey, contempt of court.
     Section 423.237a ‑ Remanding dispute for further collective bargaining.
     Section 423.238 ‑ Identification of economic issues in dispute; submission and adoption of settlement offers; findings, opinion, and order.
     Section 423.239 ‑ Findings, opinions, and orders; factors considered; financial ability of governmental unit to pay.
     Section 423.240 ‑ Majority decision of arbitration panel final and binding; enforcement; effect of new municipal fiscal year; awarding increased rates or benefits retroactively; amending or modifying award of arbitration.
     Section 423.241 ‑ Violation of lawful enforcement order; penalty.
     Section 423.242 ‑ Judicial review; scope; stay.
     Section 423.243 ‑ Existing conditions; continuance, change.
     Section 423.244 ‑ Act supplementary.
     Section 423.245 ‑ Repealed. 1975, Act 3, Imd. Eff. Mar. 25, 1975.
     Section 423.246 ‑ Violations of act; imprisonment prohibited.
     Section 423.247 ‑ Effective date.
Act 150 of 1962 ‑ SOLICITATION OF STRIKEBREAKERS (423.251 - 423.254)
     Section 423.251 ‑ Strikes or lockouts; employment of strikebreakers prohibited.
     Section 423.252 ‑ Strikes or lockouts; strikebreakers, acceptance of employment prohibited.
     Section 423.253 ‑ Strikes or lockouts; hiring and importing strikebreakers prohibited.
     Section 423.253a ‑ Strikes or lockouts; solicitation or advertisement for employees, referrals, notice.
     Section 423.254 ‑ Strikes or lockouts; penalty.
     Section 423.271 ‑ Public policy; liberal construction.
     Section 423.272 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 423.273 ‑ Initiation of binding arbitration proceedings; conditions; request.
     Section 423.274 ‑ Selection of delegates to arbitration panel; advising department, employees, and mediation board of selections.
     Section 423.275 ‑ Selection of nominees for impartial arbitrator or chairperson of arbitration panel; peremptorily striking names; designation of impartial arbitrator.
     Section 423.276 ‑ Impartial arbitrator as chairperson of arbitration panel; hearing; notice; duties of chairperson; intervention; receipt of evidence; informal proceedings; technical rules of evidence inapplicable; record of proceedings; transcripts; adjournment; conclusion of hearing; expense of proceedings; payment of public officers or employees; actions and rulings.
     Section 423.277 ‑ Oaths; witnesses; production of books and documents; subpoenas; invoking aid of circuit court; order of circuit court; contempt.
     Section 423.278 ‑ Remanding dispute for further collective bargaining; extension of time; notice of remand.
     Section 423.279 ‑ Identification of economic issues in dispute; submission of last offer of settlement; determination conclusive; findings of fact; promulgation of opinion and order; copies of findings, opinion, and order; adoption of last offer of settlement; basis of findings, opinion, and order.
     Section 423.280 ‑ Factors upon which findings, opinion, and order based; conditions.
     Section 423.281 ‑ Majority decision of arbitration panel as final and binding; enforcement; effect of new state fiscal year awards retroactive; amending or modifying order of arbitration.
     Section 423.282 ‑ Wilfully disobeying or resisting lawful order of enforcement; contempt; fine.
     Section 423.283 ‑ Judicial review; order not stayed by pendency of review proceeding.
     Section 423.284 ‑ Changing terms and conditions of employment during pendency of arbitration proceedings.
     Section 423.285 ‑ Act supplementary to MCL 423.201 et seq.; applicability of fact-finding procedures.
     Section 423.286 ‑ Violation; imprisonment prohibited.
     Section 423.287 ‑ Effective date.
Act 251 of 1955 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN STATE FAIR EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES ACT (423.301 - 423.311)
     Section 423.321 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 423.322 ‑ Register of employers found in contempt of court for failure to correct unfair labor practice.
     Section 423.323 ‑ Prohibited contracts or subcontracts.
     Section 423.324 ‑ Required clause in contract.
Act 90 of 1996 ‑ DISCLOSURE OF EMPLOYEE JOB PERFORMANCE (423.451 - 423.452)
     Section 423.451 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 423.452 ‑ Disclosure of information relating to employee's job performance; immunity; exception.
Act 397 of 1978 ‑ BULLARD-PLAWECKI EMPLOYEE RIGHT TO KNOW ACT (423.501 - 423.512)
     Section 423.501 ‑ Short title; definitions.
     Section 423.502 ‑ Personnel record information excluded from personnel record; use in judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding.
     Section 423.503 ‑ Review of personnel record by employee.
     Section 423.504 ‑ Copy of information in personnel record; fee; mailing.
     Section 423.505 ‑ Disagreement with information contained in personnel record; agreement to remove or correct information; statement; legal action to have information expunged.
     Section 423.506 ‑ Divulging disciplinary report, letter of reprimand, or other disciplinary action; notice; exceptions.
     Section 423.507 ‑ Review of personnel record before releasing information; deletion of disciplinary reports, letters of reprimand, or other records; exceptions.
     Section 423.508 ‑ Gathering or keeping certain information prohibited; exceptions; information as part of personnel record.
     Section 423.509 ‑ Investigation of criminal activity by employer; separate file of information; notice to employee; destruction or notation of final disposition of file and copies; prohibited use of information; release of information to certain law enforcement agencies.
     Section 423.510 ‑ Right of access to records not diminished.
     Section 423.511 ‑ Violation; action to compel compliance; jurisdiction; contempt; damages.
     Section 423.512 ‑ Effective date.

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