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Act 106 of 1891 - LEGION OF THE CROSS (457.601 - 457.608)
Section 457.601 ‑ Legion of Cross; incorporation.
Section 457.602 ‑ Supreme temple; incorporators; articles of association, execution, contents.
Section 457.603 ‑ Grand temple; incorporators; articles, execution, contents.
Section 457.604 ‑ Primary society; incorporators; articles, execution, contents.
Section 457.605 ‑ Articles; filing, recording; body corporate, powers; certified copy of articles as evidence.
Section 457.606 ‑ Supreme temple; powers.
Section 457.607 ‑ Supreme temple; only one to be incorporated; approval of articles of subordinate bodies.
Section 457.608 ‑ Erection of building; library; governing law.

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